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New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. West Virginia. I was only trying to imitate them.

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They told me to behave like a boy, not a girl. As a boy, I was very shy and reserved.

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I was never the average school boy. I preferred female company, and never showed any inclination towards sports. I never hurled verbal abuses like young boys do.

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My given name was Ankit, but my classmates used to tease me, and call me Ankita bhabhi, and a hijra. When I was 16, my father, a timber merchant, got a call about work. It was the wood vendor, who told him that he would be dropping off some wood at his shop. It was around 10 pm, and my father had sat down to have dinner. He asked me to cycle to the shop, wait there, and tell the vendor when he shows up that my father would be there shortly.

I was waiting alone on the street with my bicycle, when a man approached me. He put his hand on my arm and started asking me my name, which school I went to, and so on. Within two minutes into the conversation, he started molesting me. I was too frightened; I left my bicycle and ran home and hid in my bedroom. My family asked me what had happened, and I told them that someone had touched my penis.

They believed it to be a hijra. At the time, I was very innocent. I knew nothing about sex, homosexuality, or the existence of LGBT individuals.

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My mother simply told me that he was a bad man, who kidnaps children. What terrified me was that I had told him what school I went to.

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  • I refused to go to school, thinking he would come there and kidnap me, but my mother consoled me. When I was in the ninth standard, I had a bench partner who was much older. He was Pankaj, a year-old with a moustache, who had been demoted to my class. One day, he kissed me on the lips.

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    I did nothing, but he continued doing so every single day. Finally, I mustered up courage and told him to stop, or else I would complain to my parents. On hearing that, he apologized. A few days later, he held my hand and made me touch his penis. I felt embarrassed and shy, but he continued doing this. He would follow me to the washroom and hold me, kiss me, and touch me… sometimes he would unbutton my shirt and suck on my nipples.

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