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So we lie our way in, take the bread and split. The next morning Eric and Dane went to the address in the ad and waited in line behind guys dressed like construction workers and pretty boy model types.

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Most of them were pretty feminine and seemed perfect for the job. Look at these guys. He stopped when he reached the two boys. He showed them into an office. The man started laughing. So tell me about your gay stuff, you know what you do. You first blondie. You are really blonde right?

Anyway, me?

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I do all the stuff, you know blowjobs and butt fucking. The regular. Same as Dane.

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The boys looked at each other and back at the man at the desk who calls himself big Al. Their eyes were wide open. The looked at each other again. Heck yeah Big Al. He started unbuttoning his shirt and nodded at Eric to do the same. Slowly they began to undress. There are guys waiting. Al looked them over having them turn. Blonde for sure.

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Pretty boy what do you call your coloring? Rotten apple red? Fuck, suck do something. They each nodded at the other one to make a move. He slid the foreskin back revealing the shiny pink head. Just being touched was enough for Eric to begin to get hard. Get your clothes on. When he pushed deep Dane began to gag and pulled his head back. Eric pushed and pulled a couple more times then began to cum.

Eric continued to cum while Dane gagged and coughed before finally pulling his mouth off of the dripping cock. He looked around for somewhere to spit. He nearly threw up but Dane swallowed the cum and smiled. Both guys looked confused. You spit on your dick Dane, if you got a little cum in your mouth spit it on your dick too. Slime it up.

Dane lined up behind Eric while rubbing spit all over his cock. He slid his cock into the crack and began to probe for the hole. After a few strokes Dane shot a load with both boys groaning. Smiling Big Al informed them they got jobs.

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