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I got a good amount of money; I was quite happy. Most of my customers are men. I'll rarely get females; the majority are men. Actually, the prices vary a lot.

A Gigolo's Life: Male Sex Workers

This is for oral. It never goes as far as sleeping with the women. It's always oral or touchy-feely type things. When it comes to escorting, or picking up clients or anything like that, my name is always bounced around. I've never had a bad feedback. I've always been recommended. People have referred other people to me. It is what it is. Usually, they find me.

Male escort answers 21 questions about getting paid to sleep with successful women

I don't go out and look. I'm usually stopped on my way home or wherever I'm coming from. It can happen through Facebook, email or school. I actually had a friend who gave my number out to a few people, and they've called to set up a date. It's not that hard, actually. I started when I was 17 years old. I went with a family member to pick up some drugs he had bought, and I was put in this position where the only way this guy was gonna give what my relative wanted was if he had sex with me. And at first, it was like "No, I'm not gonna let you do this.

It's not cool," but then he showed me how much it was worth, and I had second thoughts. I was looking at how much it was, got a little greedy and asked for more, because ya' know I care about my body. And we did what we had to do. My relative got what we came for.

Hiring a Rentboy: A How-to Guide

And since then, I had the thought in my head, "Well, if people are gonna pay for my body then why not? I'm making money, I'm not getting in trouble and not many people know about it.

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It's a side hustle I don't have to worry about. As far as doing this on an everyday basis, I don't think I'd want to. Like I said, it would be only for real, real emergency reasons. Or if something was out of my control. What I've come to learn is that a man knows how a man wants to feel when he's being pleased. Me being a man, I know what pleases me. I know what I'm doing with another man, so that while I can make my profit, I also know that this person is satisfied and he's not wasting his time.

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Naked men of all shapes and sizes are featured with graphic screen names—and yes, you can search by penis size. The other three-quarters are between jobs, in college or graduate school, or simply want extra cash. Why are HIV rates so high among straight black men? Take Michael, an undergrad in Louisiana.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice package?

He's been having sex for money for over two years, finding clients through Rentboy, social dating apps, and word of mouth. He's says he's been flown around the world—to Thailand, London, and other far-off locales—and seen clients that range from old men who want to be whipped to still-closeted homophobes. Michael, who also requested that we not use his real name to protect his privacy, said he escorts to pay for school.

But none have paid as well as escorting. He had a friend who paid for law school by escorting, so he decided to give it a try himself. He knows there is a stigma that comes with the work, but ultimately, he sticks with it because it pays and he finds it fulfilling. Of course, just like full-time sex work, casual sex work can be dangerous.

Walby, who has also researched female sex workers, said that while many women feel empowered by their work, they also tend to be more afraid of potential repercussions. Why cuddling is good for your health. But what about that stigma?

Preferred Rate Packages

Obviously, having sex for money part-time puts these men at risk for being discovered in their "real lives. And what about their personal romantic lives? Neither James nor Michael is currently dating anyone, but sex researchers Walby and Grov said they've seen a range of scenarios: Some part-time sex workers hide the work from their partners, while others disclose it. And some relationships survive the sex work, while others don't. It's a mixed bag. True, they aren't telling their mothers too personal or bosses for fear of discrimination or other repercussions , but they're open about the work with close friends.

So many people get into this to pay for school, to pay for medical work, or dental work—you have no idea.

James, too, said he understands that some people might judge him, but he feels proud of his work.