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Two minutes after I opened a gay chat room, a user wrote: In the end, it is largely up to parents to protect their children. Parents can block apps like Grindr. Englander tells parents not to try to be experts on the technology. Children need to hear that naked photos and videos are permanent even when sent on Snapchat. They should know that sex between a minor and an adult is illegal. They need to know the risk of infections from unprotected sex. As a society, we have failed to create enough spaces for gay youth to thrive, pushing them online and underground.

While we try to find ways to hold digital sites accountable, we need to talk to our kids about how to be safe online.

Kids Explain Gay Marriage

A version of this article appears in print on , on Page A27 of the New York edition with the headline: Young, Gay and Vulnerable Online. Any guidance here? Hey everyone, I realize that this thread is some what old. However, I have to ask for assistance in this issue. When asked if he knew what attraction was, he basically explained that its when you think someone is pretty or ugly, which makes sense given the age.

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Then he also told me that he would no longer kiss girls he would be with guys given the choice and that knows in his heart that this is right. I may make him an appointment just so he feels he has an open environment to talk to, because i know that gay adolescents have a very high suicidal rate. If your son believes in his heart that this is how he feels and is supposed to feel, then you have to let him be himself. Let him experiment. Give him a little space to figure it out, but remember to check up on him too. I would advise against therapy, only because talking to a stranger about something like this is not always the best way to approach the situation and could confuse him.

He likes boys and not girls. However, I have been having extreme anxiety about it. We live in an age where shaming others is okay. He was bullied so badly he killed himself. About me — my family owned a very popular drapery shop in Atlanta. One decorator I remember from being a small child had a male partner. My family accepted this without question. I spent time around him and his partner and never thought of it. People are so cruel. I know how you feel. When he told me I had to do major damage control. God loves everyone. We need each others support. Your email address will not be published.

He has grown up in a household where sexuality is openly discussed and his aunt is gay. Is this too young to understand? Please help. First off, I want to congratulate you and your husband for creating a gay-positive environment in your home. When every parent can say their child is growing up in a home where sexuality is openly discussed, we will have moved that much closer to a society that fully accepts and respects the spectrum that exists in how we love and who we love.

As a society we tend to assume that all kids are straight, but that is just not true. In addition to teaching your son about sexuality and the variety that exists in romantic attractions, I applaud you for giving him the language to express his sensibility of love and affection. His simple explanation of wanting to marry a boy when he grows up reflects an understanding of what the possibilities are for love, and how natural it is to be gay. In this beautiful but brutal city, there is no shortage of buzards circling, watching and waiting for the wounded.

Once again director Wicktor Grodecki has created an unflinching and all too real look at the sex trade that grabs your heart and leads you through the horrific life these boys are forced to endure. From the distributor's site. Andrew Horton in CER.

Helping Families Understand Their LGBTQ Kids

Septej Whisper , by David Ondricek Called a Czech "Kids," this film tracks Generation X in Prague and includes a kid who works as a rent boy. See Andrew Horton's excellent review. A documentary look at homosexuality in Czechoslovakia, a country just beginning to understand that an estimated , of its citizens are gay and lesbian.

Through incredibly honest interviews with gays, gay rights leaders--and blatant homophobes--director Vladislav Kvasnicka has created a film that captures the innocence of an incipient social movement as well as a chilling look at the culture they're up against.

East of the Wall Wieland Speck, Director A West Berlin boy falls in love with an East Berlin boy on a day trip. The border guards start getting suspicious when the West Berliner starts making frequent trips, and the boys plan an escape for the East Berliner.

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Coming Out Heiner Carow, Director Philipp, a closeted teacher is dating a female collegue to keep up appearances. One night, by 'accident' he stumbles into a gay bar, meets and promptly falls in love with a young man. Transformed by this love he is no longer afraid to face up to who he is. My review in Out in the Mountains. Perhaps the best known and best lesbian or gay film to come out of Eastern Europe. Complex, fascinating account--inspired by John Osborne's A Patriot for Me as well as by actual historical evidence--of an ambitious, homosexual career soldier, whose ordinary family background does not hinder his rise to a position of high military rank in the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to WW1.

An incisive examination of the politics of power, highlighted by a superb Brandauer performance. Leonard Malten. Bruno, a bisexual but closeted young man lives in rural Hungary with his girlfriend Mari.

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Also on the scene is her homosexual brother Ringo. Mari doesn't know that when the boys go off to work together in the city they raise cash by turning tricks and burglarizing houses. Katrin Kremmler. Based on Romanian author Cecilia Stefanescu's novel of the same name, this coming-of-age story marks a coming-of-age for Romanian cinema as well.

Less concerned with politics than with emotional and moral ambiguities, Love Sick manages to tackle its controversial subject matter with delicacy and sweetness. In spite of being surrounded by a large family and many friends, eighteen year old Martin feels completely forlorn.

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In the tangle of crazy relationships he is looking for someone on his own wavelength, someone who, like himself, is different. Slowly Martin is drawn to Hanna and Her Brothers a local cabaret where Hanna is a man with a secret, the same one that Martin shares. From TLA Video. However, it only handles the realities of homosexuality obliquely and most of the time is engaged in a fantasy world.


This is much of the film's charm, of course, but it is a far cry from a hard-hitting portrayal of life in Slovakia in or out of the closet. The film takes place in present-day Bratislava and focuses on the teenager Roland, just going through his coming out. Roland is confused and lonely and when he finally finds somebody, he runs away.