i am gay i like men

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I Fell In Love With A Gay And Didn't Regret It

Like creating my self in my own image, and not according to what I was told I should be! That's cos its effn hard -but it's effn very worth it too. And no matter whether you are straight or gay, you still have the same ultimate option: Do you follow society's dictates as to who you are?

'I slowly realised I was bisexual' Pippa's story

Or do you make yourself according to your own ideas about who you are? I came out over 14 years ago and reading your post brought back so many memories for me. The most important thing I think I can tell you right now is this: I also wanted a life with children and I felt like if I could just be interested in men all my problems would go away and my life would just be so much easier. I slept with a lot of men even though I had no feelings for them because I just kept hoping that something inside me would click and I would feel what I was supposed to, but I never did.

I just felt even more upset and disgusted with myself. While I know it hurts right now, one day you will find someone who loves you back and it will be the most wonderful feeling in the world. I struggled with it too, though as a lesbian I obviously had things a bit easier than you. Still, if having a family is something you really want in life then you still have many ways of having that happen.

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Whether it be donating to a lesbian couple who wish to co-parent with you, surrogacy, adoption, foster care etc you have options. Yes your path to parenthood will be harder than most, but if you set your mind to it you will achieve it. Hang in there, you have a wonderful life and future awaiting you. What caring and beautiful responses! My story reflects some of your own especially loving best friend which indeed is true for most as you say. Your gifts of words are a pleasure to read, and serves as a reminder of how much support is abound on our forum. It'd be wonderful if you both could drop in now and then to 'give' of your sensitivity and grace if that's ok.

I for one would be extremely grateful knowing there's people like you to turn to. And help if need be. Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones. You are currently: Home Get support Online forums. Online forums Before you can post or reply in these forums, please complete your profile Complete your profile. Cancel The title field is required!

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Hi I about 6 months ago I came out for the first time to a good friend. It's went really well and he has supported me through this and help me tell others. But some days I feel like I want back in the closet. It's not because people take it badly it's just the thought of never being "normal" and having a family and kids is killing me on the inside. When my friends talk about girls I feel so empty and sad that I will never be able to feel what they are, and that I can't let my emotions out to them without a awkward stigma in the room.

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I've had a crush on my best friend for years now and this is probably one of the hardest things ive had to deal with. He knows I do because I told him when I was drunk. He doesn't seem to mind and thinks it's kind of funny but it just kills me inside know that I can never have a relationship with him. Most days I just sit there wishing I was normal and it's really effecting my grades, I barley do any work in class and I have no direction in life. I don't know what to do i could talk to someone but im horrible with talking about that stuff face to face I can never get the words out. Gruffudd Champion Alumni.

Hi Sam, welcome, and happy to listen You seem totally normal.

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I still have crushes on straight friends and tell them when I'm drunk. Hi sam. I had this same problem too and still feel the same sometimes. I hid my sexuality for years and tried to change it because in my family and town it was right up there with one of the worst things you could do. But I got to a point where i couldn't fight it any more and come to the realisation that I couldn't change it and that if i was to be happy in life i had to accept it and move on.

It's a hard thing to do but telling some people is a great start.

Why not date women?

Well done for taking that jump because as most know here, it's not easy at all. There is downfalls with being gay but there is also a lot of benefits.

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  5. I think being with another guy is just more simple some times. It's like falling in love with your best mate to be honest: Also the drama with liking your friends a bit too much. It happens man. It's a problem for me because i go for straighter guys and the manly ones are my fave aha. So yes there has been times when you lust over a mate but move on. On the flip side, gays have a unique relationship with our straight male buddies because we are not in competition with them for you. As a result, straight guys often gab with us about the stuff girls do that cost them a call back.

    Women talk a lot more than men.

    Ask a Queer Chick: How Can You Tell if You’re Not Straight?

    Science backs it up. You might not think guys notice the little things, but most do. He may not know your new nail polish is millennial pink , but he definitely noticed you were overdue for a mani-pedi. Do women become attached faster than men? Apparently, after an orgasm assuming he can actually give you one , the hormone oxytocin is released in men and women, but ladies get a healthier dose. Playing games is frustrating, but what do you expect from a grown man who still plays video games? Match your effort to his. Call as much as he calls. For Ethan Robinson not his real name , a year-old film editor from Los Angeles, chasing women during his post-college years became a chore.

    At straight clubs, you sat around, posed, and tried to affect a degree of indifference. But for some men the sexual confusion is a little longer-term. Bob not his real name , a year-old artist from Los Angeles, decided he was gay when he was about Although he had sex with girls in high school, an extremely close friendship with a neighborhood boy, combined with homophobic taunts from his sports coaches, only strengthened his belief that he was gay.