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Ian Stewart. Amber Harrell left and Jessica Fowler have been charged with sexual battery and second-degree kidnapping in connection with an alleged attack on a transgender women at a Raleigh, N.

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A transgender woman says she was sexually assaulted in a North Carolina bathroom last month, according to police records. Jessica Fowler, 31, and Amber Harrell, 38, have both been charged with sexual battery and second-degree kidnapping in connection with the alleged incident on Dec.

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In a call released by police Tuesday, the woman — who is not named, but identified herself to the dispatcher as transgender — described harassment and physical attacks that began in the bathroom of Milk Bar and continued out into the main part of the venue. She said the women started commenting on her genitals. One of the two women also revealed her own breasts, according to the call to police. The three of them moved out of the bathroom and toward the bar. The trans woman said the other two women "would not let go" of her body even as she told them again and again to stop.

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She said a bartender also told the pair of women to stop. NPR requested comment from the attorneys representing Fowler and Harrell — Harrell's lawyer declined, Fowler's didn't immediately respond.

In her complaint to police, the trans woman said that she was raped last year and that the incident in December caused her to have a panic attack. We will share the interviews, and allow you to decide. Layla Quran: I look forward to exploring how figures of authority-including city council members, professors, and university administration both those identifying as LGBTQ and not fit into the emerging sexual revolution at UNC, integrated into the gay community, and challenged opposing forces at the time.

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I am curious as to how these individuals, commonly thrust into the limelight, understood their identities as both gay and powerful in the city or state of North Carolina as a whole. Our interviewees will give us a yardstick for how far we have come on issues of sexuality and sexual health, as well as shed light on the roots of our contemporary quandaries — and have some really good stories to boot! I think people have a tendency to forget how much progress the LGBTQ movement has made in a relatively short time compared to other marginalized groups.

I wanted to not only uncover personal stories of the LGBTQ community, but also gain a more systemic understanding of the LGBTQ community, backlash to the movement and consciousness raising on campus.

United Church of Christ Sues North Carolina to Allow Gay Marriage

The most oppressed narratives are certainly the ones which deserve the most attention. Next year is the 40th anniversary of the Carolina Gay Association, and we cannot wait to see what kind of stories we can share with the CGA and the Carolina community as a whole.

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We hope to put on the pedestal of human conscious the untold stories of the CGA and the sexual revolution at UNC, so that those looking both in the past and searching forward can have guidance in endeavors for equal rights for all human beings. Since , we have collected more than 5, interviews with southerners from all walks of life, from politicians to activists, business owners to millworkers, educators to artists.