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And next time, Spike, spell my fucking name right. With a capital S. As in, your game is Shit with a capital S. Safe to say, this is the lulziest that Spoony has been in a long, long time. Which was, unfortunately, unintentional. But he does have a point, I guess giving money to entertainers and expecting a well polished product, but instead getting a shitty product, does blow. Once upon a time, a meek submissive IT jockey Josh Hadley, and his Something Awful Goon neckbeard friend got together to create a show that reviewed old sci-fi films with banter so awkward and forced that an evening talking about your latest sexual encounter with your parents might be a better way to spend your time.

For some odd reason, a local television station, Green Bay TV, decided to air their show.

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However, their parade of mediocre shit was missing something; an Internet personality even shittier than they were at commentary to bash these movies wait, wasn't that the neckbeard? So they contacted Spoony to play the part of the cynical shit pile role of a lifetime! They managed to create 11 episodes using Spoony's idiotic Dr.

Insano and Leslie Striker persona. Unfortunately, due to censorship issues the idiots forgot they were on TV in the middle of their awkward commentary and the fact that the local TV station was utterly surprised by how shitty the show they made was, they were canceled before they even aired. Like a mature adult, Josh Hadley threw a temper tantrum, calling the station's employees fascist nazis, and uploading his show to the internet despite the many copyright and contract infringments that would entail.

And Spoony, like a good dick sucker, hosts the embedded video on his site. So now, for the next half of a year, expect his site to be filled with shitty sci-fi movies, shitty commentary about them, and of course, more vlogs. And don't even think about critiquing the show on Spoony's forums - like every other piece of criticism, his mods are deleting every negative comment by order of The Spoony One himself and handing out bans like candy.

Hopefully his nuts will drop and he'll stop hosting the videos on his front page, but we all know that's not likely to happen. Since vlogs wherein Spoony rambles about some movie or some game he played for an hour proved to not be quite boring enough, he increasingly turned to rambling about Wrestling for an hour. In August he started a new site dedicated entirely to endless complaints about burly men fondling each other. One can only assume that this amount of boring faggotry isn't even palatable to his most hardcore fanboys anymore, so he's now out to scrape even beyond the bottom of the barrel in search of a whole new stratum of morons.

Of course, without putting in any sort of creativity apart from stating that wrestling is terrible. If you want to sample exactly how devoid of any kind of excitement this is, look no further than the opening of this "show", which has to be the most laziest effort in the history of internet reviewers. You definitely don't want to watch a whole episode to confirm that this is the case for the entirety of it. It appears that Spoony, recognizing the unfunny in rant videos with runtimes longer than feature-length fucking movies, simply abandoned this endeavor.

He seems to have shifted the workload to some fat fuck. Disregard the above.

TGWTG Episode 2: Fork You

While the wrestlewrestle. These monstrous crimes against entertainment regularly clock in at the length of a DSP video, and even though these things take less work to produce than any content this side of a bowel movement, he still has trouble updating them on time. He could post footage of himself asleep that'd better meet the definition of the word "content. The following is an extract from a livestream where Maffew, creator of some wrestling show blooper called "Botchamania", manages to get the drop on Spoony.

Apparently Maffew had been criticizing Spoony repeatedly, and therefore LordKat decided to let in him on his livestream one night while Spoony and AngryJoe were present, resulting in the bit below. Chances are that these ramblings could just an attempt to emulate some of the usual playful , boasting gibberish wrestlers spew out to hype their fights.

But this is questionable judging from Spoony's recent fits of rage.

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In a desperate vie for more popularity, Spoony takes it on himself to edit himself into as many Wikipedia articles as he can, starting with The Highlander: However, despite the wikipedos deeming Spoony notable enough for his own article, they state that doesn't mean his reviews are. After this recent turn of events it appears that Spoony's own page is now in risk of being deleted.

Better recruit your battalion of fans who vote for your Mashable Award to save it. He now sends ridicilous mails to some senator creating a bunch of automails and getting all upset about it. On the 18th of January many sites blacked-out to show what a world without internet freedom could be like, seeing his opportunity Spoony jumped on the train and painted his title card black but leaving his content available. Well you could't expect him to make a point by sparing the internet of himself, he is just too important to the world.

View his touching memorial here: In the beginning of May , Spoony started behaving creepy and complaining about having fits of mental instability on his twitter. This was nothing new of course, but it had never been seen to this degree before. Even as one of the higher ups on Channel Awesome told that his behavior was unprofessional, he continued his angry ranting undeterred.

But shit wouldn't get real before the 11th May, where Spoony publicly stated his desire to chain fellow TGWTG-contributor JesuOtaku , in his basement and subject her to surprise buttsecks. Spoony had before made lame sex proposals on Twitter, but an outright rape threat was a new low, even for him. It seemed for a moment like the comment was going to pass unnoticed as just another example of Spoony being a pathetic douche, but then Obscurus Lupa, in all her GOTIS infested glory, intervened:.

It quickly occurred to Spoony that even his good graces with his fuckbuddies, Doug Walker and Linkara, wouldn't help him with at least three other contributes and one-higher-up mad at him. He quickly tried to fall back on his usual excuses of "just joking" and trying to blame it his current mental issues.

But to no avail. In the next couple of weeks the situation slowly blew up in his face, well aided by his continuous craziness on twitter, and then the culmination came in June:. Instead of being grateful for the fact that he got off with a slap on the wrist for a comment and unhinged behavior that would have gotten him a pink slip anywhere other than Channel Awesome, Spoony instead took it upon himself to piss away the last lingering remains of his reputation even more by sarcastically apologizing, burning down even more bridges by lashing out like a drunken spaz and pissing off several of his other co-"workers", many of whom up he until that point had considered friends , and twittering about he is worse than ten Hitlers:.

Now that he's been fired, he has made sure to hunt down every supportive tweet from his loyal fans and retweet them, all while desperately trying to ignore all the negative comments about him.

The Spoony Experiment

While doing this, he continues to claim that he's not actually mad about being fired. Anything besides blind praise for him and his childish fits will be met with outright hostility and a block. That should tell you something about Spoony Fans. To kick things in gear, Noah made his way to one of his e-hubs of hugbuddies when shit got worse. The place? Long summary short, shit got very real and someone finally had the balls to say things to him that no one ever would. Best of all, this was live. Awwww yheah. Jason Pullara was one of his coworkers back in the day when he was on That Guy With The Glasses doing his own thing, and during the process of going independent because Michaud and the Walkers eventually showed why they would be fucked in terms of business, Jason and friends gathered at times to play Dungeons and Dragons, talk bullshit, whatever, fun times.

All until this came up. You see, Spoony back in the day wasn't all daisies and sunshine before he turned out to be a psychotic serial rapist whose modus operandi was to chain women in his basement before doing the nasty and eventually fucking their corpse until the asscrack of dawn to bury them out in the Death Valley desert. Oh no, he was already shit before his big debut into shitdom.

Aren't properly restrained, according to national

Jason helped pull the plug on that little lightshow facade of he who claimed himself as he who "represented real gamers". You see, all of Noah's acting in his reviews? That isn't acting. That is literally him being himself, on camera.

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No onstage persona, no tact, no front. Noah off and on stage are one and the same. Where does this lead? E3 Jason helped reveal that not only did Noah act like a fuckhead dickless manspazz after going apeshit up and down the halls of the convention over this game called XCOM, but that all of the mainstream industry regarding That Guy With The Glasses being known as a "reviewing entertainment" site weren't amused when that happened and caught wind of it like knowing someone shit their pants after eating Jenkem.

Apparently, along with the help of fellow dumbfuck AngryJoe and their brilliant displays of unprofessional dumbfuckery and decadent fathead arrogant haughtiness that comes from thinking one has impunity upon shitting upon people who create content, all of their dumbfuckery got shifted onto Jason when shit hit the fan after him wanting to contact Mojang of Minecraft for his talkshow and was denied due to said dumbfuckery. Mind you, this was before Minecraft hit it big and eventually got bought out Microsoft at the height of its popularity.

Truly, truly professional representation there Anal Chawsome.