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Gay in Public—Sort Of Certainly, gays are not allowed to live out of the closet, and if some of us are open about it, the community will make sure we are an outcast. But I notice that the Aden community treats feminine boys better than other local communities. Yemeni gays gather like groups, some of these groups include successful people who prefer discreet relationships.

They are from wealthy families and have had the best education a Yemeni can get and are living a successful life.

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Most of them socialize with those who have the same financial status. Other groups include ladylike guys who consider prostitution as work, but their lives are very dangerous and most of them are on the radar of the government. I have never seen or witnessed any gay scandals, but I heard stories about gays who were thrown out of restaurants, cloth shops, internet cafes and coffee shops because they were acting feminine or gay. Most people here are not very educated about sex and men will agree to have sex with anyone who is looking to fuck for money or fun.

Chewing qat or khat, a stimulant makes the problem worse because it increases the urge to have sex. Needless to say, if one gets sick from HIV it is covered up with another diagnosis.

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They have desires of having sex with girls but since girls are protected by their families, these men look for a suitable alternative which is boys. Most of these men are single and not gay but usually it is the case of sexual frustration. But if the older man has like-minded friends, they will probably share his interest and keep his secret. Most of these crimes happen in the dark which means there is no proof that it happened.

Gay Life in Yemen: One Man's Story of Destiny and Choice

Sometimes if a boy is caught having sex with an older man, the boy might get a worse punishment than the man. It depends on who caught them; if it was the police the boy might be killed and the man may be tortured and thrown into prison until someone looks for him and helps him out. If they are caught by family or police it is very possible they will be killed. I have heard some stories about gays who were raped by policemen when they got caught and then released.

Others were thrown into prison, and a few have been killed while trying to escape. Fridae Perks. Tell Me More. More About Us. Latest Blog Post. Change is not always a bad thing Jan 1. Yemen Personals: Featured Profiles. Female 30 5' 7" cm. Find Yemen gay dance parties and other Yemen gay pride events using Fridae Agenda.

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Yemen News. But five people I speak to — four Yemenis and a western aid worker — want to remain anonymous. Clearly, gay Yemenis now feel a pressing need to conceal their identities.

The extremist Houthi militia poses a greater threat than ever before to Yemen’s gays

In many ways, however, it was able to thrive. Now it faces an entirely new set of challenges and threats. Sameer, a year-old from the contested city of Taiz who now works in Belgium, says that a gay community existed in his hometown. Not everyone had equal access to that scene, of course.

Members of the upper and middle classes, for example, often felt a degree of personal security that allowed them to participate in ways that those of lesser means could not. And there was a discrepancy between the gay male scene and the lesbian community. I could not find one to interview for this article. For others, gay life centres entirely on social media.

He uses a Facebook account with a false name to administer a small group for gay and bisexual Yemenis. Some of his closest friends are gay, and he communicates with them almost daily, but his relationships with them are confined to Facebook. Others, including Gays Yemen and Yemen Gay, primarily post photographs of gay individuals and couples. In many ways Facebook has allowed the Yemeni gay community to come alive even for those who cannot connect with other members of the community in person. But he says that social media is also a weapon in the hands of Yemeni homophobes, who use it to publicise the identities of people they suspect of homosexuality, outing them to their families and tribes.

Yemeni sexual minorities have long endured hardship.

For Yemen’s gay community social media is a saviour

Yemen is one of 10 countries in the world in which homosexuality is punishable by death. Traditionally, the death penalty is not enforced, but citizens have been imprisoned for their sexual orientation. According to Sameer, the most serious issue connected to the ban on homosexuality is that victims of hate crimes cannot seek help from the authorities. Even those that most accept themselves will still succumb to pressure to get married.

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Most of them continue to pursue sexual relationships with other men and occasionally have long-term boyfriends. In the past sexual minorities were at least able to form something like a community.

But the civil war has made maintaining that community more difficult than ever. The war has been tough for all Yemenis. What you see in the news is nothing compared to the reality. The situation is very bad for people in general and for gays as well. Major cities such as Taiz and Aden have seen protracted battles that affect everyone, but they harm the gay community to an even greater extent by making meetings impossible.