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Latino millennials are the least likely millennials to identify as heterosexual, according to the GenForward Survey project at the University of Chicago.


When you break it down by ethnicity, however, Latino millennials were much more likely than other ethnicity groups to self-identify as LGBTQ, or non-straight. Ishmael Perez, co-founder of Orlando-based Qlatinx, speculated that conservative religious influences among Latinos may have inspired millennials to more openly push back against conservative social norms. This came as a surprise to Glenn D. For this survey, GenForward interviewed nearly 1, millennials across 50 states and the District of Columbia. The survey was offered in both English and Spanish.

People are still unsafe, and creating safe environments without hate crimes is an important thing we have yet to achieve. For example, according to the U. Census, Latinos accounted for 7. In addition, Indianapolis has historically had some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections STI in the nation Health, However, research on factors associated with sexual behavior that may lead to new HIV infections among Latinos, especially those new immigrants coming to the U.

Martinez, et al.

There are many potential behaviors associated with the increase of HIV and other STI among bisexual Latino men, including inconsistent condom use, the use of alcohol and drugs when having sex, and a number of potentially risky sexual activities with both men and women. In the U. Studies have shownevidence that bisexual men have a relatively high behavioral risk for HIV and STI compared with exclusively homosexual and heterosexual men L. While their study contributed to the knowledge on behavioral factors associated with sexual risk behavior among Latino men, it was limited to an urban sample of men in New York City.

Zeller and colleagues conducted a study on sexuality among a diverse group of Latino men, most of them born in Mexico, and two thirds in the U. The study highlights diversity of sexual expression among Latino bisexual men. In particular, interventions have not fully distinguished the behavioral differences and risk behaviors between bisexual and gay men Lynda S.

Therefore, it is important to fill these research and practice gaps and expand services specific to the needs of this specific population. Our study team assessed the range of sexual behavioral characteristics of behaviorally bisexual Latino men. This information would be useful to public health professionals and others seeking to understand the actual sexual health behaviors among Latino bisexual men and appropriately intervene.

The aim of this study was to offer a comprehensive overview of sexual behaviors and other factors related to sexual experience in a diverse sample of Latino behaviorally bisexual men in the Midwestern U. The assessment involved an interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers at two campuses of Indiana University, the Marion County Health Department Indianapolis , as well as partners and stakeholders from the broader community.

A multi method approach was used in the overall context of a community-based participatory research CBPR approach. Ninety minute in-depth qualitative interviews were administered in English and Spanish to the participants. After the interviews were conducted, participants were offered optional self-administered STI screening, including urine and rectal chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomonas at no cost Dodge, in press 1.

This amount of reimbursement is in line with similar interview studies conducted in the research setting by the study team. Research and community partners reinforced the importance of moving away from sexual identity labels and focusing, instead, on relevant behaviors Malebranche, For example, community advisory committee members participated in the development of study protocols, including recruitment materials and methods. Based on their feedback, the Latino participants, in particular, were recruited from a wide range of venues including bars, barber shops, neighborhood stores, newspapers, and local radio stations.

One of the most valuable forms of recruitment used to recruit bisexual Latino men was through participant referrals i. In addition, community members provided feedback on the recruitment materials. Most of the participants were not eligible to participate after they were screened by the research coordinator because they did not meet the criteria of being sexually active in the past six months with at least one male and female partner. Around participants were screened using the methods described above. The measures were taken directly from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior NSSHB , a study examining recent and lifetime prevalence of sexual behaviors in a nationally representative probability sample of 5, men and women ages 14 to 94 in the U.

Reece, et al, In terms of sexual behaviors, participants were given the options of stating whether they had done a specific sexual behavior within the past 30 days, within the past 90 days, within the past year, or more than a year ago. For behaviors at last sexual event with both male and female partners, participants also responded to a series of questions indicating their experiences with pleasure and arousal.

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Participants were asked about their experiences of orgasm and perceived partner orgasm erectile functioning, and whether or not they used any medications designed to attain or maintain an erection. Last, men indicated whether or not and to what extent they used condoms with male and female partners. Analysis in this paper is restricted to the 25 participants who identified themselves as Latinos. Text from transcribed qualitative interview data served as the basis for analysis.

All text data were coded and analyzed using NVivo. The data from the 15 interviews conducted in Spanish were transcribed and translated by a certified translator. Data organization, analysis, and interpretation took place in several standard stages Elliott, Data were analyzed for initial codes utilizing a team coding strategy to ensure reliability. Initial codes were then organized into categories to develop more abstract theoretical codes from the data. The questionnaire assessed the most recent sexual behaviors as well as the lifetime sexual experiences with female and male partners.

All analyses were conducted using SPSS version A diverse sample of 75 bisexual men from Indianapolis and surrounding areas took part in the study. Additionally, Table 2 presents an overview of participant pseudonyms that were created for using quotes within the text of this paper. Most of the Latino participants in our sample were not born in the U. Most of the men came from urban areas in their native countries but those coming from Mexico were more likely to be from rural areas.

In addition, the majority of the men in the study have been living in the U. Findings regarding lifetime sexual behaviors can be found in Table 3. Vaginal intercourse was the most commonly sexual behavior reported by the men in the study. Fermin described his sexual experiences when having vaginal intercourse:. Eladio talked about his frequent visits to commercial sex houses for sex and reported the frequency of vaginal sex with female partners at these venues:. Well, the same, like I told you before, it was with one of those women I met in the houses.

The last woman was Honduran, since I heard from my friends that Honduran woman are good at having sex. So this time, the guy had a Honduran woman … all of the women are seated and I pick one and she goes with me to the bed Participant 59, Mexican, In general, oral sex was a commonly reported behavior with both male and female partners. Some men described reasons for oral, and non-oral, sexual behaviors with their female partners and how the moral role and respect for their wife or committed female sexual partners played an important role in their sexual interactions. Pablo discussed:.

No, I have more respect for her. Oral sex is different, with my wife I have more respect, I would not be more open with my wife. I would be more embarrassed with my wife. Well, if she suggests it, maybe I would do it. Participant 3, Mexican, With a woman it is different, there is more of a pretext. A gay person always likes to change and do different thing. Participant 4, Mexican, In regards to specific oral sex behaviors, the majority of the men did not report giving oral sex to other men.

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For instance, while Alejandro showed that he was comfortable engaging in the same type of sexual activities and behaviors with both male and female partners, giving oral sex to a man was not a behavior that he had ever engaged in:. The same things I would do with a woman I would do with a man. To suck on them [give oral sex] to men, I do not like to do it to but to women I do.

Participant 17, Mexican, Participant 32, Mexican, Some of the men reflected on experiences with receiving something from a male in exchange for sex i. For Tony, the first sexual experience with a man was prompted because of his financial needs and the necessity to support himself and his family as a recent migrant:.

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The first time that I was with a man it was the necessity, the necessity of money. Well there they choose one to work. They are work corners. Well, in the end they chose me to work, supposedly, but it was something else. That was the first opportunity. Participant 55, Salvadorian, Virgilio talked about his sexual experiences with his wife:. I think she is afraid that I will infect her…. We do not even have oral sex. For nothing do we have oral sex….

We barely have sex…. There is always a reason, well I always want to and she almost never wants to. I barely look for it because she always rejects me. So on that day I began to look for it and she responded. Perhaps we could have more sexual relations, more frequently, if I looked for it more.

I feel bad when she rejects me. Sometimes when I look for it with her, and I am lucky then yes. One knows when you are rejected.

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Participant 30, Mexican, When asked whether or not the he has been to support groups or has sought sexual health support from his care coordinator to explore ways to improve his sexual experiences with his wife, he responded:. It depresses me to go to meetings and get together with other people, and that does depress me. I, I do not need that. A small number of the participants reported engaging in sexual activities with male and female partners when returning to their native countries. Virgilio talked about his sexual activities with his female sexual partner when he goes back to Mexico:.

Yes, always. Well, I had a relationship with a girl for like five years. I would go to see her every year.