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I asked lifelong athlete and certified personal trainer, Patrick Marano, for exercises men can do to banish the moobs. Patrick suggests three main exercises that focus on building the pectorals, and recommends starting your training with lower weights and higher repetitions, increasing the weight as you get stronger:. Bench press: Lie on your back on a weight bench and a lift bar bell up and down slowly.

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Pectoral fly: The act of squeezing the pectorals helps strengthen them. This exercise is done on a weight machine. Classic push up: Lower slowly and push up slowly. If this is too challenging, push up from your knees instead of your feet. A couple of differently shaped clients of mine have man boobs: My job as an image consultant is to help my guys feel and look good in their clothes, so instead of resorting to the outright lie of compression garments to flatten your chest, try these dressing tips:.

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Leah Morrigan can help. Home Features Travel S. The Gentleman Pig. Your gay guide to the good life shares high-vibe conversations about true LGBT personal empowerment. After graduation, they congratulated me on my thin body. Now it was time, they said, to get rid of my breasts. Though I had always been squeamish around doctors, there was little question about whether to have the surgery.

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Could a decade of bullying end with a simple outpatient procedure? In the first surgery, I was placed under general anaesthesia. The doctor made a half-moon incision under each nipple and cut out the excess breast tissue, finishing the job with some liposuction. My breasts were smaller, but lumpy, and my nipples were puckered. This was disappointing. My chest looked worse than it had before I'd gone under the knife.


I was On New Year's Eve, I went to a party and got drunk for the first time in my life. She didn't insist on taking my shirt off. This was a relief, because under my shirt was a sports bra, and under that layers of gauze. My chest was still healing from the second surgery. I'm reminded of my experiences whenever one of those "humorous" stories pops up on websites such as the Huffington Post and Mail Online.

Perhaps you saw the photo making the rounds late last year, of New York Democrat Barney Frank's "moobs ".

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The photo spread throughout the web and inspired mocking headlines, even on politically liberal websites. This fixation on "man boobs" reveals our culture's obsession with binary gender, but we have all the evidence we need that biological sex and gender are not as rigid or fixed as we imagine. There are intersexed people. There are transgender people and genderqueer people.

There are millions of men and boys like me with gynecomastia, a medically harmless though socially lethal condition. As one article notes , "These differences probably result from variations in what is perceived to be normal. We're so entrenched, we can't accept bodies that don't fall on either extreme of the gender continuum.

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Transgender men and women encounter these attitudes in direct and sometimes life-threatening ways. And, given the misogyny that pervades society, these pressures are even harder for women and girls, whether they're cisgender or transgender. Their bodies are hated and desired in equal measure. When my bully grabbed my breasts and called me "Tits", he was taking what he wanted. He was also reminding me that I was no better than a girl.

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I was beneath him. With the explosion of social media and the surveillance society, body policing has become far more intense. We live in an age of crowdsourced bullying. I cannot imagine what it would be like to grow up as a boy with breasts in I suppose I'd spend hours in Photoshop, digitally sculpting my body to remove fat from my face, belly and chest before uploading my profile photos.

I would probably become vigilant about removing tags from unflattering photos and obsess over remarks people made about me on comment threads. Perhaps because of my early struggles to accept my body, I've found a measure of freedom in appearing naked on stage as a performance artist. In the photo left , I have a big smile and my boobs have been pushed up and exaggerated. As a fat man, I still have breasts. I once scandalised a fancy pool party simply by taking off my shirt.

I realise that, as a man, it is my privilege to do so.