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Traveller children, just as the name suggests, do a lot of moving around. Because they are often on the road moving from city to city they do not attend public or private school. If the children do attend school both the boys and the girls usually leave school by the time they are The boys leave around this age because their fathers want to take them out to learn life skills. Gypsies are often illiterate as well because formal education is just not a priority for them. Many of the families instead focus on art, music, survival skills and about wildlife.

There is a great imbalance within the gypsy community in regards to boys and girls. The girls have standard and rules that must be followed that boys do not.

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For instances, the teenagers typically get married young. The girls at 15 and the boys at 17 or But there is a big emphasizes that the girls should remain chaste before they get married. Many girls are thought to be dirty and shameful if they have had sex before getting married and boys are not interested in girls who have kissed more than 4 boys before finally settling down to get married. This next gypsy rule or tradition is amongst one of the most disturbing that the cultural practices.

Most gypsy teens get married as young as 15 and 16 years old. They have bizarre courtship rule that many may find to be violent and quite possibly border lining on sexual assault. Within the Traveller or Gypsy communities, the teenagers marry at a very young age.

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The girls as young as 15 and the boys as young as One major rule is that they are only allowed to marry other gypsies. B, however, er have a little bit more leeway to marry someone outside of the culture as long as they adapt quickly to the gypsy way of life. However, the girls are definitely not allowed to marry outside of the culture because the belief is that women are the guarantors for the survival of the population.

In the UK they have a show called Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World. The show primarily focuses on the inequality within the community. On an episode, some of their children featured discussed that it was completely shameful if a boy were caught doing any sort of housework.

‘I’ve had death threats because I was a gay Romany gypsy!’

Within the community, the girls are taught from a very early age that they are to cook, clean and serve the boys in their family and eventually their husbands. The men and boys are usually out working or partying while the women must stay home and tend to the housework and the children. In the Gypsy or Traveller community, you will find that most of the women do not work outside of the home.

Along with doing the housekeeping and child-rearing gypsy women are often just hanging at home watching reruns on TV, chain-smoking and constantly cleaning their caravan. The girls and women who grow up in Gypsy society are usually horribly depressed and oppressed by the male-dominated society. If the women do need to work to help support the family you can usually find them doing some sort of textile work or simply out on the street begging.


Gypsy children either do not attend traditional school or are pulled from traditional school around For the girls, it is so they can come under their mother and learn how to keep house. For the boys, they are expected to leave school at a very young age so they can learn a trade with their father.

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Most, if not all gypsies have similar jobs. When choosing a trade that they will take on the boys must look for something that fits two criteria. It must allow them to be able to travel freely and 2. It must cause as little direct contact to non-gypsies as possible. Jobs like horse or animal trading, metalworking, and dealing in scrap metal are all staple Gypsy occupations. The sexy dress code of the Romani teenager is perplexing for sure because of the strict sexual code that the girls have to follow.

So what gives with this contradictory behavior? The reason perhaps lies in the fact that the girls are encouraged or pushed to get married very young and most of the marriages are based on first appearances.

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Skin-tight corsets and blingy bra tops are very popular for teenage girls. These are often paired with short skirts that would make your grandma blush and sky-high heels. The gypsy teenager also loves anything blingy or sparkly too. Cleanliness is next to godliness for the Romany gypsies. They have very strict rules when it comes to cleanliness standards. Until you've had the amount of your medical and family history, and maybe even a little make up if youre.

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