i am gay i like men

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The longest journey starts with a single step. When you think you have found a suitable seasonal match then chat online for a while. Later, talk on the telephone and perhaps organise a first meeting or date. Who knows, one of your new friendships may grow into lasting happiness.

To maximise your chances of finding success, we've enhanced the member area of Gay2December to include members with all interests and characteristics. You can still use our search settings to find exactly who you're looking for. Try our sister site Bois2Men for hook ups and naughty fun! Member Login. Online dating dedicated to younger older gay relationships. Life has its seasons and each season has its unique attractions. Start your journey Younger older gay relationships are becoming more and more popular. I am attracted to guys in the range.

I am most definitely not looking to be a sugar daddy or any kind of daddy for that matter. Basically, I just like younger guys. Are there any dating websites geared toward this demographic, preferably one that isn't promoting a fetish, like silver daddy or bears, etc.? Doll, in gay years you're not just an eldergay you're pretty much in God's waiting room.

Older Gay Men Vs Younger Gay Men – What’s the difference?

Either you pony up with the cash, or settle for some schlub with a daddy complex. Otherwise, date someone your own age I know, God forbid. I'm 46 and would actually be thrilled to date someone my own age; unfortunately, it seems all the guys my age want year-olds. You know this is only going to result in a story about a glory hole and someone seeing his father leave the next booth. I'm 41, and while I prefer to date my own age, I've occasionally hooked up with a guys in their 20's, and met them on Adam4Adam.

I know lots of guys my age 40s who are hung up on the idea that they want a something boyfriend. It's just not a reasonable demand But, they tell themselves they are 'just attracted to younger guys' and they don't dig any deeper than that. That's usually why, though. There IS a market for dating and sex. It's silly to dream for that. Most older guys would do well to think about WHY they are attracted to what they are attracted to.

It sucks for me, at 41, because most guys my own age whom I try to date are hung up on much younger or older I've always been one to seek out men for relationships who have been on earth about as long as I have, because that's where the most comfort and commonality can occur with a stranger. As a 40 something myself, I can't imagine anything worse than dating a 25 year old. You may not gain wisdom with age, but you at least get some perspective about life.

I guess I'm kind of in the same position as OP. I don't know if it's because I didn't have a relationship in my 20s or because the younger guys have the look that attracts me -- not many guys in their 40s can pull off the hipster look and not appear ridiculous. Straight men and gay men want younger partners, obsess about younger partners, and pay through the sphincter for younger partners.

Dykes do not have a "silvermommy" equivalent. Gay women can try to date at all ages without being jeered at. It's nice not to live without the strain.

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OK, that leaves a fairly slim dating pool. As I said, slim, but not nonexistent, so, hope springs eternal. If the right guy comes along, that is great. If not, eh. OP, I'm 49, I have no particular interest in guys in their 20s or even their 30s for the most part, but I'm on Scruff and I'm constantly getting messages, woofs, etc. It's a little annoying to me, but anyway it happens so you might as well try.

Best Dating Websites for Middle-Aged Gays to Meet Younger Ones

Look OP, find someone your own age. If you plan to visit the daddy sites that are recommended here, you'd better beef up your bank account. Because younger guys looking for older men are looking for someone to take care of them. Or, in the short term, buy them things and take them on trips. They don't want to date guys their own age because, in the words of a friend of mine, they don't want to just "sit home every night, watch tv and fuck". They want a daddy to pay for them to go out.

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If you're smart you'll get over your crisis and look for guys your own age. Otherwise expect to get used.

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I'm 85 and will only date yr. I find that having them over for a nice oatmeal dinner is lure enough.

Changing the equation

I'm 35, when I was in my 20s I couldn't get a date at all. Not even so much as a glance from a people in a room. It gave me a real complex and induced a crippling shyness in me. Now I get hit on all the time by guys and girls in the 20s. I can't believe.

A few times I've had girls take pictures of me on their phones while just walking down the street. It's crazy. I don't get what happened in the space of 3 years. I'm still really shy so I never let it go to my head or take it seriously. R11, Silverdaddies. Oh give it a rest, R Sounds like you're making your own excuses. It's so boring when people generalise about everyone else.

The flip side of your story is that nobody wants you. Yes, there must be something wrong with everybody else, not you. I don't think the daddy thing is all that rare. I dated a younger guy who definitely felt that way. We worked together so I certainly wasn't giving him money--we made about the same. Though there weren't that many years difference between us, it sort of bothered me.

Maybe because he was sort of immature which made me feel even older. We talked about the age difference once and he said he thought it was hot.