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Problem is this… my 2 guy ruined me for other guys.. Well, more like Huge. Kind of like a smart looking gymnast.. I did too. A lot.

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The stunts and tricks he could do. Or hell, him just standing there letting it hang. Or even when we occasionally invited a 3rd over.

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I got where I couldnt cum unless he was deep inside me.. He is Like I said… He ruined me for other men. Cheers everyone. In high school this guy named Anton made the team in his junior year. I was hitting. He would get me to help him with batting. I said maybe. Ya he was really hot long straight black hair but I was busy.

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About 20 minutes I turn around as he leaves the shower. I see him and his fuckin g dic k proved to be almost 10 inches. I am now 23 we live together at a university I put a lot of time into helping him hit. After years he hits a respectable. He is 20 and is obsessed with fucking. He makes me drink his pis s daily like every other jockeys fucked.

We will probably get married in December we both love Christmas. He said butches are so much work for sex and I never tell n m no. He said said about 2 years I finally learned to duck his dic k and he has me sucking dic k all over the place we have not got caught yet. So I just ask him are you going to just tell me the truth no drama. I am so amazed how this straight boy is great with us being lovers. His folks are rich he was raised by good peoplw.

He asked me to marry him in December I said sure and kisses him for an hour. He absolutely must be the boss and I let him. Said butches want to run thie r guys. So the key to this white boys dream life never say no when he wants sex and do what he says. Let him be totally in charge U am so fuckin g submissive to him.

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I have zero complaints he says I am so amazing for letting his gorgeous brother tuck me daily he is such a fuckin g stud. I have no desire to cheat Id. Cut cocks are the best cocks. You are confused—uncut cocks are disgusting. Long live intact cocks, big and small, as Nature intended.

Antonio Biaggi has the biggest set of balls in porn. I hope to see them and feel them one day. I would do porn with them bare back I want try it I like it, and want to do it agian, but I want it bare back.


I came out very young and as fate would have it: ALL my Boyfriends and my longterm Lovers. The Relationships of my life have been with extremely well endowed men. As a young man I worked at the Saint. And yes it was a buffet of the worlds finest male specimens. Email US!!

You are right. If you are uncut, for the love of christ pull that foreskin back and give it a date with soap and water for christ sake. Its disgusting when smegma is an inch thick. I was trained to deep throat a 9inch cut cop..

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I miss the face fuckin he gave me. I would love to see them accurately measure themselves. Gorgeous cocks! I would take them all, impaled on them one by one by one — and then get fucked by them all again. Yum yum, they are beautiful! Another racist list on dick size. Please take CutlerX off and just call it a list of white and a couple Latin dicks. Tired of this shit. Suck it up buttercup.

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The author of this piece needs to double check Jack Harrer length on Belami. Lol the ones where they get people to believe they are 9 plus inches. The biggest dick in straight or gay porn have to be Mandingo or Julio Gomez and both of them are around 9. I would love to suck and take every inch of Leo Alexander. His cock is a beautiful masterpiece. Antonio biaggi.. I fucking love Leo Alexander and Joel Birkin… I am strictly a masculine too but for those 2 I would bottom and let them do whatever the hell they wanted too.

I think you missed Matt Hughes off this list! Jordan stone….. Brice Altman…. Ricky Martinez …..