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The vet did an autopsy which determined that the poor dog died of blunt force trauma. That little shit beat and choked his dog to death!

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I hope somebody served him some low-down justice in prison. If he serves any time at all, whatever they do to him in prison is too good for that rat. Josh in OR: OH, I see, so our community does not idolize gay porn stars!

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  • Good going Josh! Come back down to reality. I would love to get in arms reach of the guy who beat up his dog to death. Ryan Idol still looks hot. I used to dream and fantasize about him. Not leave hateful messages. Who beat up a dog? Would welcome back to porn any day. An even bigger mystery — Harlow Cuadra was in the military, got good grades in school, seemed to live an exemplary life.

    So much for the idea that military service instills character. I watch gay porn perhaps more now than I ussed to, but I doubt if I could remember one adtor star? I admit to being a lot older than most of your readers so that could account for my ignorance. Having said that being arrested as a felon and having served time employemtn is difficult.

    Gossip no one in Hollywood will say out loud!

    I would imagine that the porn industry is more forgiving than the rest of the world, but ultimately I think it would have to be judged by the crime that was committed. First or even second degree murder, any kind of battery, etc. But many are locked up for crimes that are not violent yet the very environment they are living in is a horrible substitute for rehabilitation.

    If gay sex is a source of employment for this group, I see no problem—but I question manking it public knowledge. These are not as major some of them although abusing anyone is not ok. How could you possibly leave that one out. Jake Lyons is accused of battery? However, some of the gay porn guys who do this just insult our intelligence; if you gleefully get double penetrated and gang-banged by oh I dunno, 12 huge cocks several times a month on top of the whole sex with men thing then no, you are not straight. Not in any fathomable universe.

    The murder of Bryan Kocis Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is a textbook lesson in how to get caught when committing murder. I would like to point out that almost all the gay and gay-for-pay porn stars do not go on to ruined lives of drugs, prostitution, crime, etc.

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    Some of the most interesting bloggers are current or former gay porn stars. More than one has gone on to schoole to. As for Jake Lyons, a. Greg on Corbin Fisher, I suspect his life would be going downhill with or without his involvement in gay porn. Still his one hardcore scene on Corbin Fisher was unusually good. On Bait Bus, he just seemed like a common hooker. On Fraternity X, he proved that he would do anything for booze and a buck. When one is able to get honest bios on most of the them, it is often fascinating and interesting. They come from many different backgrounds. Some of them really are financing their educations.

    It amazes me the number of them who are current or former military.

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    Some were or are policemen. Some of the most extreme came from hard-core religious backgrounds. U missed one of the hottest stars of the 80ss, Tim Lowe who was arrested for murder. What ever happened to him??? Should have read Tim and not Tom Lowe … my keyboard wanted a Easter holiday! He reportedly, had told a neighbor he hated gay men, but he still worked in the industry. Consider, too, the January episode of The Tyra Banks Show , which featured three straight porn actors two currently working and one retired who do gay porn and three straight bartenders who work in gay bars.

    The most intriguing story was that of Kurt Wild, a father of three boys who himself looks to be no more than an All-American boy next door. Seeking a less controversial line of work, Wild applied for and got a job at Subway, being honest with his prospective employers about his other line of work. However, customers recognized Wild and told the managers they would boycott the restaurant as long as Wild was employed. He was let go. One can't help but wonder about the sanctimonious customers who recognized Wild as a porn star but then objected to him working at a sandwich shop.

    It should be noted that female porn stars participate in lesbian for pay scenes. However, as girl on girl action is a dominant heterosexual male fantasy, such lesbian scenes are the norm in porn and most female performers participate in them. The six men featured on The Tyra Banks Show are just a small sample of the straight men making cash off gay clientele by playing gay. One could understand straight actors taking on gay roles in less controversial fare, such as Sean Penn's Oscar-winning work in Milk , but porn requires a level of commitment that is, obviously, not necessary in other acting jobs.

    It is easy to spot a porn actor who is not totally "involved" in his work, shall we say. Wild typically bottoms in his films, or as Tyra put it for her G-rated audience, "It's Christmas day. Are you giving presents or receiving presents?

    American Psycho: Funniest Sex Scene Ever

    Yes, I watched, all in the name of research, of course. How do Kurt Wild and other performers do it? Along with Viagra, lots of straight porn playing off camera, and the help of fluffers. But what about others in the sex industry who are gay for pay, such as escorts? Consider Pat Bateman, a gay for pay porn star who also works as an escort. According to "Gay-for-Pay: Straight Men and the Making of Gay Pornography", published in Qualitative Sociology in , gay for pay performers establish a disconnect between their working sexual selves and their true sexual and emotional selves.

    This is done through the creation of a "persona", a fictional being who is willing to engage in acts the true self wouldn't consider or find appealing:. However, the longer a performer stays in the industry, the more he must revise this persona in order to stay fresh and keep fans coming back for more.

    Thus, a performer may eventually choose to bottom if he feels that his customers have grown tired of his one-sided perspective, or if he feels that there is greater financial reward in doing so. Exploiting Fandom brings together mainstream sports fandoms and speculative media fandoms, often finding strong correlations between the two.

    Gossip no one in Hollywood will say out loud!

    They've gone on to write and direct Captain Marvel , but there was a time when Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck made small films like Half Nelson and seemed poised to create a distinct, unpredictable body of work. Quiet and confident, Damien Jurado gives us ten songs bared to the bone but filled with soul on It Took the Shape of a Storm.

    Bibio's Ribbons is a wonderfully immersive album. The subtle melodies need time to bed in before songs gradually come into bloom but when they do the effect is dazzling. Frederick Luis Aldama's Eisner-winning history, Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics, uncovers ways in which the mainstream American comic-book industry regularly shortchanges characters who represent marginalized peoples.

    If you're used to the blood splatter of slasher films or the evil monsters of supernatural thrillers, be warned: Beautiful Darkness covers an abyss of horrors far deeper. High Life is more a series of tensions and breaking points than it is a traditionally satisfying space narrative, but Denis's allegiance to directors like Tarkovsky and Kubrick offers an intriguing view of humanity at the gates of the final frontier. Morbid Stuff is the sound of Vancouver-based band PUP forging rousing, anthemic punk from the most jagged rocks mined from the depths of frontman Stefan Babcock's psyche.

    The Butcher Shoppe succeeds in partially shoving the boy's club out of the way.

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    5. What are all of us honest-to-goodness, queer-to-the-core homosexuals to make of these wannabes??

    In doing so, Della Mae's regain their position as bluegrass bad-asses. In existential nightmare, High Life , Claire Denis explores the darkest intersection between outer space and the human psyche. Two great percussionists, Greg Fox and John Colpitts, come together as Fox Millions Duo in a work that expands the dimension of rhythm, revealing their ambitious scope. Steve Wynn says that the reunited Dream Syndicate are still finding new territories musical and otherwise to explore. Their new album provides evidence of a hungry, vital band that is at peace with its reputation but eager to move forward.

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