i am gay i like men

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Sleeping dogs dating missions Worst gay hookup. Copyright GreenAgent. All Rights Reserved. When I got to intermediate I dated this girl named Cathy. I changed into the Lesbian girl named Zoe. I moved to a different state the next year. No one knew me. I had no identity. No name. No destination.

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Keep reading. I come over to your house and bring books. I start up a bath for you and light candles all throughout the bathroom so you can have a nice relaxing time. It doesn't make it right. As long as we get along I don't really care what you got going on down there.


Tbh I would feel more comfortable with a trans guy because I know they won't judge me for my own gender fluidity. I am bi leaning towards gay. And I would have no issue dating a trans guy. I have been in a relationship with a trans guy shortly still miss him alot.


No it's not Gona be easy, trans people unfortunately don't have it easy. However the last time this sort of thing was brought up I was called a chaser and was informed that everyone in the trans community hates people like me so I'd probably just remain friends unless you otherwise expressed explicit interest in me, I don't want to inadvertently piss off anyone not knowing what I did wrong.

I'm just confused as to why anyone would call you a chaser? That's kinda dumb. He obviously used some inappropriate language. There are ways to go about dating us without fetishizing us. Transmen are men who already understand us, why deal with cis folks that require so much emotional labor just to educate? I've met a FTM guy and it's been great and bad.

He has a dark outlook on life. Suffers from depression and anxiety and has self esteem issues. Through it all he has a kind heart, is loving and caring and we enjoy one another's company. Love goes where it's sent. Oh sorry, my answer is yes.

No, I don't think I would. I'm ignorant of a lot of what might be involved in a relationship with s trans dude, and maybe that will change over time. But for now, I don't think so, not unless you're super hot lol. But then again I suppose there are strap-ons.

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Love is strange. So the answer is possibly. There are also trans men who have had bottom surgery. With or without bottom surgery.

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There are plenty of guys who love to top! Yeah man, not a dealbreaker.

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If I was attracted to him anyway then sure. Tbh it mainly depends on how well he passes; to put it bluntly, if I look at him and "see girl," I'm probably not gonna be interested. There have been trans guys I've been into though! Or if they're pre, or mid op, than they would have to tell me up front. Not of this shaming because I hate trans people bullshit, I just like dick. I require a functional cock and balls on my partner.

My understanding of trans people is that they will be incapable of having what I want. I'm dating a FtM guy and it's the best relationship I've ever had. No, not everyone will want to date you but you'll find someone. Honestly, I probably would. Statistically, it would be a lot easier for you if you lived in a larg-ish urban area. There really is a lid for every pot.

Jaimie Wilson FTM is sooooo hot check him out , would date him in an instant. He, like so many others are just sexy as F!

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Dont be scared to come out as trans, it is who you are, enjoy who you are and where life takes you as trans. So yes, i would date a trans guy. Long answer: I feel bad for being more comfortable with the idea of dating most gay guys than most gay FTMs. Probably, but it would depend on a bunch of things about their personality, looks etc same as a cis gay or bi guy. If I was attracted the his face and he had a penis, sure. In addition to personality compatibility. It's very genuine. I want my lover to have a penis.