i am gay i like men

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Welcome to Oatcast! This is a feminist podcast with a comedic, tongue-in-cheek attitude. Listen as we walk you through the trials and tribulations of modern life as queer ladies living in Belfast. We talk about everything from life as introverts, unwanted attention and coming out. This show is for people who are seeking authenticity and truth.

Have you ever cheated on a partner when in a monogamous relationship?

Our show provides a balanced well-rounded approach to today's prominent issues in entertainment, business, love, dating, relationships, family, religion, spirituality, inspiration and motivation. Paragons of Free Speech, Broduder reminds the beautiful citizens of America of their Constitutional 1st Amendment rights and inspires the world to express their true feelings and thoughts without holding back. Context and intent are but ancient mythos in these trying times but Broduder has emerged from the chasm of pussy hats to fight back against watered down culture and homogeneous group think.

Together, we are Broduders, but more importantly we are individuals capable and free to think fo A podcast about the ups and downs of my life as a nursing student. Its a big world out there and this guys connected. Journey with MistaHeard as he continues his process of "Nonstopworking". A leading broadcast journalist who's show center's around entertaining and informing an international audience of artist, entertainers,broadcasters, and entrepreneurs.

Spontaneity combined with creative programming makes this massive collection stand out from the rest. Switching Teams weloveswitching is a sports comedy show starring Ronn Vigh and Joe Tobin, two stand-up comedians and sports fans, one of whom happens to be gay, the other straight. It's comedy for sports fans and sports for comedy fans. Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along.

The 8 Dating Podcasts you Need to Listen to Up your Dating Game

Visit our site at www. Someecards is dedicated to creating short-form, shareable humor. You'll love not unsubscribing from our content. Become a supporter of this podcast: This is a life based show, touching different topics. The ursine frontier A drag queen, a gay man, and a straight producer start a podcast.

The Tit For Tat Show is the result of that unholy union. We bring you celebrity interviews, our take on current events, and games with prizes. Readings, debates, lectures and so much more.

Hear fascinating talks by authors, intellectuals, officials and regular folks with important stories recorded live all around Seattle. UpFront delivers a mix of local, state, and international coverage through challenging interviews, civil debates, breaking updates, and in-depth discussions with authors.

Play Later. Silky Sean, Kinky Kevan and Just James say goodbye to , talking New Year resolutions — good ones, bad ones, pathetic ones… and other stuff. Devin joins us for a brief look inside the mind of a 13 year old girl. Later on Katie and Jason discuss pee couch stories, yo-yo tricks, and shaving in the sun.

17 of the best LGBTQ+ podcasts everyone should listen to

Toxic Femininity This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation. Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. The SNC-Lavalin scandal continues to take myriad twists and turns. In the meantime, the Justin Trudeau Liberals are clearly in panic-mode. Rebel Co And like the boy who cried wolf, when we really need to care, or pay attention, no-one will believe it anymore Janice AtkinsonBy The Rebel. MistaHeard meets at Ritten House Square for convo over coffee. Tim Harford on climate change, Victorian diseases, maths mistakes and alcohol consumption.

Author and activist Soraya Chemaly is angry about patriarchy. She says her anger is both resentful and hopeful. Hear why. By John O'Brien. Travel back in time to hear Adam and Connor discuss the wild conspiracy around a series of lates apartment bombings in Russia.

10 Queer Podcasts That Are So Good They’ll Make You Look Forward To Your Horrible Commute

Previously a Patreon-only episode, available publicly for the first time! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone. In celebration of black history month we highlight a profile in excellence, Carter G. Woodsen, dubbed the father of Black History Month. The son of former slaves, he was one of the first blacks to receive a PhD from Harvard University.

He later went on to develop a prolific career as an historian, author and journalist. In , Woodsen started Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: Fifty percent of Americans switch religions-denominations Karen has a special moment with her step daughter Olivia, Will tries everything to make his students like him and Jack and Grace go to extreme measures to lose weight.

The series is an American sitcom created by Max Mutchn The Ezra Levant Show: February 14, As we mark our fourth anniversary — and enter our fifth year — we do so stronger than we ever have been. And, if I may say so, more needed than ever. With Trudeau paying off the mainstream media with his slush fund, and social media companies censoring conservatives, our Rebel voice is needed, in Canada For the 7th episode of Tales from the Tea Room, Jason and I invited our friend Davide Bargna to talk with us about the gay movies that have been meaningful to us in some way.

The conversation was facilitated by some good glasses of Prosecco and a mini buffet Jason provided. Time was short as we wanted to keep talking about these movies that hav What happens when a seemingly-perfect marriage ends in a nasty divorce and someone ends up dead?

10% Gay with Brody Stevens (from Joe Rogan Experience #424)

The guys are in the lab once again for Episode 80 to see who's mans are out in these streets! This week we recap the grammys and talk about the man with an "interesting" home life to say the least They're telling politicians to support the hard work they've been doing in their local communities. Radio Broadcast Date: The few Mennonites in Quebec are These high paying jobs are giving Canada's indigenous peoples an opportunity to pull themselves, and their communities, out of the generational poverty that has plagued so many of the The media are convinced, and the official Ottawa Liberals are circling the wagons.

Keean Bexte.

By The Rebel. More consideration for your consideration. Have I done this joke already? This easy to understand series is not just for those studying the Law or working in the profession, but is for anyone with even a passing interest in legal matters. We're back! After a short break, Jake and Graham are back with their GaylyShow. Like what we do, please consider supporting our show: Open relationships require significant commitment, planning, and maintenance to preserve the integrity and connection of the partners involved.

Join us as we speak with psychotherapist Adam Blum as we discuss the pros and cons of non-monogamous gay partnerships and the elements and strategies needed to promote a successful open relationship. Coping with Rejection in Gay Dating. Rejection hurts! Learn about what rejection ultimately means, why gays and lesbians are hit a bit harder by its impact, and acquire some coping tips and tools for managing the fear of rejection.

Cocktail Talk: Want to add more sensuality to your relationship with your partner? Join us as we speak with Mark Reinart of the Male Healthy Touch Club and learn how you can use mindful touch to enhance the intimacy in your relationship and explore its benefits and ingredients. Also get ready to learn some practical touching exercises that you can start using with your partner today!

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A deeper connection with your partner can be had! Where do you start? Gay Polyamorous Relationships: Have you ever been curious about the gay polyamorous lifestyle?