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Deborah Dempsey. In recent years, some lesbians and gay men have informally negotiated reproductive relationships with friends or acquaintances. The varied kinship assumptions underpinning such relationships are the focus of this article. Three main approaches to family formation are identified: I argue that a continuum of kinship intentions is evident in these different approaches, and that the degree of innovation and convention needs to be unpacked, particularly with regard to the status of friendship as kinship.

I comment on the persistent appeal of co-habiting coupledom as the basis for parenting and the perceived asymmetry between biological motherhood and fatherhood. In conceptualizing and negotiating reproductive relationships, lesbians and gay men may accept or reconfigure the assumptions characteristic of heteronormative clinical assisted reproductive technology ART conventions. Voon Chin Phua. The authors examine 2, personal ads from male advertisers collected from the Internet, focusing on issues of race and sexual orientation. They look at advertisers' desire for a partner of a particular race and the effect of their race and sexual orientation on their choices.

The data indicate that Black, Hispanic, and Asian men are more likely than White men to have a race preference for a partner.

Muslim and gay: seeking identity coherence in New Zealand.

Additionally, gay men are more likely to mention race than straight men. However, gay Black men and gay Hispanic men are less likely to have a race preference. The authors explain the differences in terms of race sensitivity and how preferences reflect the current racial hierarchy. An introduction to qualitative research Thousand Oaks, CA: Gay marriage gone wrong The Economist. Aug U Flick. Flick, U. An introduction to qualitative research 4th ed.

Gay marriage gone wrong.

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July 17, Accessed on December 10, , at http: Gay men denied divorce. Ocbober 13, Global Times. Accessed on March 1, , at http: Dec The abstract for this document is available on CSA Illumina. To view the Abstract, click the Abstract button above the document title. Transforming Qualitative Information: Thematic Analysis and Code Development. Personality and Mate Selection in Personal Ads: Sep J Soc Behav Pers.

Examined sex differences in mate preference using personal ads and assessed the parental investment model. Ss were also provided space to express their thoughts and feelings concerning the personal ads process. Results show that age was negatively related to number of responses for women and positively related for men.

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Men's income and education were positively related to the number of responses received. Personality trait descriptions in the ads were related to number of responses for men, but not for women. The content indicating attractiveness produced significantly more responses for women. There were sex differences in the use of personality trait information in mate selection, supporting the parental investment model of human mating preferences. Mar J Popular Cult. Pang Linlin.

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Cette etude comparative entre la Chine moderne et les Etats-Unis s'interesse aux comportements de mariage par correspondance, en examinant les differences et les similitudes entre les deux pays. Les attentes et les criteres de selection sont identiques: Les differences sont expliquees selon de potentielles raisons economiques, politiques et culturelles. L'utilisation accrue des petites annonces depuis les annees est a l'origine de cette comparaison des descritpions des annonceurs.

Chinese mate preferences: Cultural evolution and continuity across a quarter of a century. The current study used two research instruments—one ranking procedure and one rating procedure—to examine mate preferences in mainland China.

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Results revealed several cultural changes in values — a dramatic decrease in the importance of virginity, and an increase in the importance of good financial prospects — changes that occurred for both men and women. In contrast to those cultural changes, gender differences in mate preferences for cues to fertility youth, physical attractiveness and resources good financial prospects, social status remained invariant. Discussion highlights limitations of the study, and stresses the importance of both cultural evolution and evolved mate preferences.

Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method. Herbert Blumer. An Introduction To Qualitative Research.

Muslim and gay: seeking identity coherence in New Zealand.

Interpretive Themes in Relational Communication. William Foster Owen. Thesis Ph. Includes bibliographical references leaves [] Chinese men who have sex with men are increasingly aware of public discourses of homosexuality, and have created numerous public spaces in which they can make contact with other Chinese men who have sex with men MSM. Therefore MSM in large Chinese cities now seem to have a greater number of possible models of sexual identification than in the past, as well as a more tolerant atmosphere for revealing their sexual identities in various social contexts.

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This paper uses in depth interviews with 30 MSM in Shanghai to discover how they construct and organise their social identities as MSM. It examines the terms men use to describe their sexual orientation, including the nuances that accrue to these terms, stories of how men come to identify themselves as MSM, gay or tongzhi, including their assessment of their sexual orientation, and their different patterns of revealing their sexual identities to different members of their social circles.

In particular, it looks at some of the sociological factors that seem to influence self-revelation outside the gay circle, also the consequences of these patterns of self revelation and concealment for these other types of social relations. Analysis supported the hypotheses that the men are more interested in sexuality and physical attractiveness, while the women are more concerned with the personality characteristics of prospective partners. Looking for Love?: Ranna Parekh.

Personal advertisements are powerful windows into understanding individuals, societal trends, and cultural values. As one study demonstrates, personals reflect the societal importance placed on thinness in American women. A cross-cultural study shows how personals are used in understanding the American value of individualism and the Chinese values of family and society. Personals in an Indian newspaper and an Indian-American newspaper both demonstrate Indian values, yet the latter shows hints of American acculturation. For psychiatrists, the personals may be an important way to understand patients and their social and cultural contexts.

Patients' ads may help the psychiatrist and patient understand the patients' values and fantasies, aid in treatment, and help form relationships. Listen to Our Stories. Six themes were identified based on focus group discussion: Narrative data indicate that multilevel HIV prevention intervention strategies are necessary for addressing the unique psychosocial and behavioral HIV risk factors among API MSM, such as dual stigma stemming from homophobia and racism, discomfort with sexuality, power dynamics and stereotypes in relationships with White men, substance use, and low utilization of health and social services.

Human sex differences in sexual psychology and behavior. Feb Annu Rev Sex Res. Because age and sex constitute the only distinct anatomical and physiological morphs types of the human species, universal sex differences ought to be expected. According to Darwinian theory, the most numerous sex differences are likely to be found in the domains of sexuality and reproduction.

We first briefly review the basic model of the adaptationist program of modern Darwinian psychology. We then present evidence suggesting substantial sex differences in the following domains of sexual behavior: Mate preferences, interest in casual sex, interest in partner variety, jealousy, fantasy, sexual "plasticity," and magnitude of intrinsic sexual motivation. We then propose a program for research and explanation of sex differences that invokes both proximate and ultimate variables where appropriate. This program is based in modern Darwinian theory, neuroendocrinology, human genetics, and social and behavioral sciences.

We conclude by considering sociopolitical implications of research on sex differences. Personal ads are a potentially rich source of information on relationships, particularly mating strategies. Most research on personal ads has been limited to content analyses of naturally occurring ads.

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In this study, four "female seeking male" ads were placed on two large Internet bulletin boards specializing in such ads. The four ads, differing primarily in a few key words representing the manipulated independent variable, garnered over e-mail responses in 6 weeks. Contrary to prior research and to our prediction, the most popular ad was one in which the woman described herself as "financially independent A qualitative study. Qualitative study using semistructured in-depth interviews in Dali prefecture, Yunnan.

The main outcome measures were themes identified as increased exposures and risks to HIV. Risk behaviour, social stigma, one child policy and concepts of traditional Chinese medicine TCM had significant roles in the spread of HIV in rural China. Many MSM lead a life with double identities in China and condom use was found to be variable with attempts to "rationalise" the risky behaviour being its major determining factor.

Health seeking behaviours of genitourinary problems were infrequent and illogical, which were further held back by the existing healthcare system and lack of sensitivity expressed by the health professionals. Clear education messages to the general public while raising awareness among health professionals of the health risks and needs in MSM are essential in the prevention of the current HIV epidemic. To determine factors in an initiation of a same-sex relationship in rural China: Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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