i am gay i like men

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I'm just curious. Do you mind showing me your OkCupid? I honestly feel it's awesome for finding friends. Introverted, but not really shy -- I'm more comfortable being in charge of a large group rather than being part of one, if that makes sense. As for judgement, it's a mix of both. Like any internet dating, I've had my share of weird dates on there.


I'm sure some of the dates that I've been on have had me in the opposite role. I went to GaymerX, and I got to meet a bunch of chill gaymers. Cutest thing ever. I tried Okcupid but almost everybody rejects me or just seems to ignore me, I dont know if Im hideous or just uninteresting or some combination of both dating on hard mode. Either way I guess the best way to go about would be to put yourself out there and hope for the best. That said, I've never been one to have much success with dating i. I've met a couple gaymers on those sites, as you see it in their interests.

I've also seen a couple gaymers on Grindr and have started a chat with one, but we'll see where it goes. I'm trying to focus more on dates rather than other fun right now and Grindr is more known for the latter. I know other guys who've met and started dating through local gaymer meet-ups or other interests, like theatre hasn't worked for me, but they've had luck.

Definitely wish you luck, dude. I met a few through community theater. I didn't get a relationship with any of them. Made out with three of them, had sex with one, was friends with benefits but he got a boyfriend before we could do anything with another. If you like Magic. Awesome people to meet there all around.

I use Okcupid. I've tried several other free and paid dating sites, including gay-exclusive ones, but imo Okcupid is the best for finding an actual relationship and seems to have the higher quality guys. I'm using OkCupid, but I haven't had any luck.

Gaymer Dating Profiles

I go out to a club on occasion, but I tend to just sit alone drinking Shirley Temples. I have the apps downloaded on my phone, but I don't take them seriously. Wear your brightest colors while going to Expo's or conventions. I actually think finding gay people you have to go to your local village wearing our memorabilia so pull out those Mario shirts, super hero tank tops and shoes and get your butt out there: Honestly I had an account on A4A and put down my geeky interests. I ended up meeting my current boyfriend by offering to teach him how to play the board game "A Touch of Evil.

I think it depends on what you identify more with: You can go do more gay social things and meet other more social gaymers eventually, they are out there but you might not know it unless you talk to them. If you are more gamer, join a gay community in the games you play.

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Bam, instant gaymers. Tumblr- by sheer luck, a handsome, nerdy, and geographically convenient person thought I was interesting. Sometimes he finds you when you least expect it: We were friends for quite a while before we dated. He invites you to his place for some "play time. His apartment is nice and clean. This is the perfect man.

He sits down at his couch, then reaches for his controller and turns on a video game. Instead of turning around and slowly backing out the door, speak of this growing trend of homosexuals called Gaymers. In fact, the numbers of video game players who identify LGBT has caught the eye of many game developers. Some video games developers have begun to transition this into gameplay. Though LGBT characters go back to the late s when "Final Fight" introduced a transgender fighter, Poison, the most notable in recent years has been "Mass Effect 3" where through choices in gameplay - Captain Shephard has a relationship with another man.

In , San Francisco hosted GaymerX, a convention where hardcore gaymers could meet for competitions and cosplay. And GaymerX has grown every year since.

Gaymers, where do you meet guys? : gaymers

So meeting a man who's into video games shouldn't be taken as an odd encounter. Let's face it. We've all been on worse dates. Don't assume gaymers aren't social. It's the exact opposite.

I've already mentioned GaymerX, a convention that draws thousands to San Franscisco. If that's not enough to convince you, even our local Wilton Manors establishment Latinos Salud hosts a Gaymer Night once a month which draws a big crowd to play games and socialize. I was having feelings for men that were encased in 2-D anime-style avatars.

Everyone I came in contact with in-game only got a fraction of who I am. But like many jokes, the funnier they are, the truer as well, given that many players allot time to both their real lives and their in-game lives. So how then, in this world of ours, do we find that gamer soul mate? Earlier this week, in my various branches of social networking, I had come upon Geeks Out http: Even when checking out Gamer Dating, the pool is so small so it almost seems like the best way to find your gamer soul mate is to join the big names like OkCupid or Match.

Though I think people might assume that anyway from my photoshopped Mario picture.

GAYMER GUYS: Dream Daddy Pt. 4

This was supposed to be my year to expand my horizons both in gaming and in life so why not in my dating game life as well. I never think to bring up video games in conversation. Ultimately, the best way to ever find a match is trial and error. You look through a lot, try on a few, and buy even fewer. You just have to see what fits. Bringing your Wii over because she has a bigger TV, leaving your Pikachu stuffed animal at his dorm room for when you sleep over, or lending your girlfriend that Final Fantasy VIII Griever necklace — these are all things we do because we trust them and trust a future or at least a near future with them in it.

I started thinking about this because my good friend was dating a total tool but she still had faith things were moving along well and had brought over her copy of Mario Kart 64 only to be dumped a few weeks later with the game still at his place. Looking back on my dating history though, the things I have lost tend to be less tangible. If we relate that to our possessions and experiences, it feels like there is no history of interaction, no exchange, that at any time we can separate and be ourselves again with everything that we had. We live, we love, we move on.

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Rinse, recycle, repeat. I think the most important thing to remember is that most of these possessions can be replaced and are things that we can live without. When the average person thinks of relationship dealbreakers, a certain list comes to mind — i. To go down the list would be arduous and less fun for all involved so I think it easier to just describe a few situations in which gaming has permeated some of my romantic endeavors. I met this guy for drinks at a beautiful rooftop bar.