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Jordan stone….. Brice Altman…. Ricky Martinez ….. What a shame, once again black actors are not properly represented, and men who have big cocks according to some of the videos that I have seen. Consequently, your poll leaves a lot to be desired!

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These polls are always controversial. There are so many good ,big cocked guys out there — you need to list the top I wish I could get some of my friends to go into porn. I have a couple of friends with ginormous cocks and they would put these guys to shame. But they have good jobs and would never consider putting their big cocks on line. I am a white guy and I watch a lot of porn and I will have to say this list is really not close to being right.

Most black porn stars dicks are much much bigger than the top 10 on this list.

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They should be called the top 14 biggest white dicks in porn,. A penis like this would look better on a horse. There is nothing esthetic in the freak show above. Sometimes porn stars appear to have larger endowment in photographs and photoshop can certainly achieve that, but big is not beautiful in my opinion. Beautiful cock. Fill my ass cavity with your hot, pulpy love spunk. To see is to believe. But the the sizes r out of proportion..

Had Cutler n Tim Kruger already before. Tim is like a fucker on batteries. Cutler gets soft even before put his dick in.. Not working, but I miss him, DC Chandler, who would be about 35 or so now.

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Stunning looking in person, but Studio never lit him well, or had the right hair and make up. I am conflicted. My eyes find big cocks aesthetically very pleasing. My anal sphincter prefers smaller and leaner ones. Boomer is just gross please stop covering him and his weird samri face. Nothing attractive a out that and his dick is ugly. His dick is easily his least appealing quality. BelAmi has a habit of filming a ton of scenes with a model and then releasing a scene or two every couple of months so I think they knew what they had their hands on with Joel and wanted to film a ton of stuff with him before releasing any of it.

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I wish I could get these kind of bird shots — lovely! Do you use a blind of some kind? Well, I think most of the cock sizes are exaggerated, as they usually are, but from all of these porn stars, my favorite is Andrew Stark. He is very handsome, has great skin, just perfect. Very nice list.

Latin always win!!! So much for size.

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I am way more interested in good looking faces and muscular bodies than in cock size. Of course beauty and sexual attractiveness are in the eye of the beholder. Unless you count this.


Yes, Esteban is definitely on the list. And he also films for Machofucker and a couple of other barebacking sites here and there.

CutlerX 1??? He may be the best top among this group but he certainly does not have the biggest dick! Ruff Ruff! These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were. Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It. Jail Baited. Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. Extra Big Cock Club. Below, in order, the biggest dicks currently at work in gay porn. Honorable Mentions Dmitry Dickov , who helps run GayHoopla but who has only shot one scene in the last year with his 9-inch dick. What do you think?

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We dispute many of those measurements. The Masturbador. I would love to taste all these cocks in my mouth right now as I masturbate to them. Richie Lear. Married name lol.

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Who is Alex D. Great reply dixon.. I can so relate to that.. Cheers YLo. None of these guys are 9 inches. Maybe 9 porn inches but not 9 real world inches.

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  • And the wrong approach to life, I might add. None of these guys have a real 9 inch dick. Only 9 porn inches. Castro Supreme has a bigger cock. His cock is 12 inches.