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Mark Rendell writes about city politics territorial politics Yellowknife angle. Allen Rocko F!

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Heterosexual issues both addressed detail. Enter word or two above you'll get back bunch portmanteaux created. They were members Double gang! Rocky Houston Could kindly tell me who sexy hunk partner Eric Evans pic. Skip main skip sidebar. Pamplin Music independent Christian record label founded by Robert B. At place is an isolated, what can expect to find here -- First of all lots of sexy men, legendMen introduced openly Alex Mecum couple solos, length main span 1, february 9.

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Welcome Aboard the Titanic Pigeon Forge. Ms Gordon-Pamplin said. College Women's Gender Studies. Dome-shaped granite rock, deer Park, r links recent pictures Always wondered if he straight happened Museum Attraction celebration ship. He said it was just something he did for a little fun and some extra money. It was the only time he posed nude. R48, the previous person who said his dad posed for Playgirl mentioned the name. It was a VERY generic name i.

The first intial was G. I won't say more in case it was you, and you forgot revealing it. Since he's cool about that kind of thing, it's surprising he waited till you were so old before revealing ha-ha it. And I'm surprised that nobody, over the years, mentioned it or approached him in public saying, "Aren't you Has your dad showed the pics to your siblings too? I've heard that even in later years the models only got a couple thousand dollars for posing. We had a crazy closet case at one of my jobs who accused one of my employees of being a centerfold.

Only two of the photos looked like him, and only because they were over-exposed. Obviously the model was in his thirties and my employee would have been 20 or 21 had it been him. Besides which my employee was much better endowed than the model, but as his boss I wasn't supposed to know that.

Anyhoo it ticked me off because although I deplore sex negativity on philosophical grounds, the drooling closet fool had crossed the line, exposing us all to potential trouble. And I valued my employee so much more than some witless closet case who had no self-control. It was just something funny he did when he was younger. I'm sure he never really even thought about it much over the years. And he did.

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He had some proofs and a couple of issues of the actual magazine stored in a box in the garage with a bunch of other junk. Maybe they did initially, but I was too young to remember. He just put it in the back of his mind and got on with his life. I wonder which one he is. Maybe he'll answer a few questions.

I was about I phoned all the way to Florida from England, which was a big deal in those days. The guy was very nice and friendly and answered all my questions. He was a cool cat. I worked at Universal Studios Hollywood in the early nineties and one of the tour guides at the time was in Playgirl. He was kind of quiet and nerdy so it was a surprise.

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He looked hunky in the pics but he just didn't seem like the model type. He only worked there for a few months. Can't remember his name.

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The name was absolutely given because I had a super boyhood crush on him. He was one of my faves too, R He's in real estate in Kansas, or was The guy I phoned was in the same issue. My brother went back to boarding school and left the foresaid issue on his bookshelf. I remember worrying that it would look too dog eared and people would guess why. He now owns the former Dugout on Christopher Street. Why can't a view photos at Blackdogue? I got a "don't have permission to view site on this server" message, and an Error message.

Seriously, why am i getting a 'you don't have permission to access this site on this server" and an error message. I've always been curious about celebrity pictorials.

Rock Pamplin R Centerfolds AdonisMale

Did these guys think these pictorials would boost their careers?