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So, it's welcoming, but not much of a party. Yeah Friday night at Necto is pride night and from what I hear it is one of the most popular times to go. Not just Ann Arbor. There are a lot of places to go. But over all, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti are the most gay friendly in the region. Plymouth or Livonia could be pretty easily done on a weeknight or multiple times a week, but there isn't a ton in those places in terms of nightlife, gay or otherwise.

You'll have it made in the shade. Is a smaller area than LA but plenty of folks identify as part of the lgbt alphabet soup. Plenty of gay people and they're pretty friendly. It's not like LA in that it can't fragment. When I lived in LA I had a gay dodgeball group and a gay poker group. The critical mass for stuff like that doesnt exist. The Bar at Braun Court is also there. It doesn't specifically cater to the gay community, but I see a lot of same sex couples there.

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Bottom line, Ann Arbor is very progressive. LGBT should feel very welcome here. First off, the winters can be rough here, especially for a west coast transplant. But the city is really good about clearing the roads and such. In April, we have hash bash which is exactly what it sounds like. In July we have a week long art fair that you must go to at least once. We have a lot of beautiful parks in the area and free museums natural history museum is my favorite. There's tons of shopping opportunities here as well as an abundance of great restaurants and funky shops.

The Canadian border is only about 40 minutes away, so you can go for a quick day trip if you feel so inclined. Ann Arbor is pretty liberal. No one bats an eye here at same sex couples.

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Necto does gay nights on Friday if I remember correctly. There's a relatively big pride festival in Ferndale about 40 minutes away that occurs sometime in the early summer too. Thank you! I forgot to mention I have lived in New York before, so I am accustomed to not-California winters lol.

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I'm assuming it gets colder than than NYC though! Within the city limits, it's a non-issue, and the university has a large gay scene. Necto is a dance club in town. Fridays are traditionally 'gay nights', but you would fit right in any other night that they're open. I'll play Devil's Advocate momentarily. Ann Arbor is roughly one thirtieth the size of LA. This means that there will be a definite drop in the number of available places to hang out, both in the gay community and in general.


Ann Arbor is a very open, liberal place but it is your prototypical middle American college town where everything is a local landmark and the cultural amenities are geared toward upper middle class university staff or students with very little in between. It is near to but isolated from the Detroit area This applies more to students than potential transplants, but Ann Arbor is deceptively large when seen only in short bursts.

The truth is, you can easily ride your bike from one end of the city to the other not even downtown, from city limits to city limits in an afternoon. That being said, it is a very nice place to live. If you want to live in a place where the pace is slower but where you can still shop organic at a local food co-op or still talk to friends over overpriced lavender cardamom lates, there really isn't a better place in the country.

It's the kind of place where people fancy themselves part of the intelligentsia and use words like intelligentsia to prove it, which can be grating at times but also charming at others. I'd say it is a perfect place for those who:. Oh man you can easily bike from edge to edge in less than an hour. When I was going to school here, I rode my bike from all the way at the tip of M and I to central campus in 5 minutes.

Prime Timers of Gand Rapids | old gay guys have fun too!

Took another maybe half hour to get from CC to Arborland by bike. You'd have to be averaging like mph.

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It's all downhill on Miller so I did average around Sometimes took 10 minutes if I caught the light right there on 7th by Mack School. Ann arbor is definitely very accepting, but definitely different than la. I find myself missing the diversity and gay population of weho. Yes there is a gay bar and a gay club, but not much outside of that. However I say this as someone who doesn't go out on the scene much.

First of all, the comments here so far are great, both the ones that are promoting the area and telling-it-like-it-is. Yes A2 is great and people here will say that because they chose to live here for a reason. It's a fantastic place for gay couples to raise kids and has way more culture than a city of its size should.


That being said, you wont know unless you come out here. If you came here to interview, what did you think?

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If you didn't come here to interview, get your ass out here! Come spend New Years with us. Go to one of the gay clubs there are 1. You wont know if this is the place for you until you spend a few days here and damn is it worth it. I'm a straight white woman, so take that as you will. I grew up in Michigan and went to the University of Michigan for my second masters degree, I'm now in my early 30s.

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