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Oki Yasushi and Paolo Santangelo should be congratulated for the tour de force. The provision of Chinese text, together with relevant woodblock prints, makes reading this book a delectable experience. Index Card Publication Date: Published Publisher: Brill Extent: Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. The right and left edges appear to be selvage edges, where the horizontal fibers fold back inward on themselves and are tightly woven in with the top layer.

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At the top and bottom, where the fabric appears to have been cut from a larger piece, the fibers are loosely bound. Six stray fibers were resting on the backing board near the top and bottom edges, but no longer attached to the object. I placed these on a microscope slide with a drop of deionized water, examined them under a polarized light microscope, and compared them to known sample slides. Four of the fibers were close matches with the silk sample, and two of the fibers were close matches with the cotton sample.

I surmised that the thicker, bottom layer of the fabric is cotton, while the finer, top layer is silk. The engraving is dated , but this impression may have been made after that date. The object's file notes that it was examined by Clare Browne of the Victoria and Albert Museum, who "confirms that the silk dates from the seventeenth century, and was made certainly before the industrialisation of silk production in the eighteenth century. The textile had been mounted to a thick backing board using a yellowish adhesive, which was tested using chemical tests for both protein and starch [i].

The protein test was positive, while the starch test was negative, suggesting that the adhesive was derived from animal collagen. The main difficulty with this treatment stems from the fact that the adhesive was water-soluble, while silk is very sensitive to water. To minimize exposure to moisture, I first removed the cardboard backing layer-by-layer. After many hours, a ll but the board fibers embedded in the adhesive were removed.

The adhesive was scraped with a variety of small tools until no more could be removed using dry methods. I tested various methods of removing the adhesive while keeping the silk as dry as possible. The most successful was to place a tiny square of damp blotter on the adhesive, then briefly press a small heat tool on the back of the blotter. It would create a faint hiss as the dampness was pulled toward the heat and the adhesive transferred onto the blotter.

Love Songs in Ming China

This photograph shows the back of the print after the adhesive was removed. Instead of using adhesive to attach the print to a new mount, it was sewn to a larger piece of lightweight polyester fabric with silk thread. The polyester was stretched around a piece of matboard and covered with a new mat. It was not necessary to apply any new adhesive to the print this time around, and it can be easily removed from its mount in the future.

Materials Characterization Tests for Art and Archaeology , ed. Archetype Publications, London: Starch test: Whether teens are dashing headlong into the wilderness or shipped off against their will, summer camp provides the perfect backdrop for YA adventure, romance, and drama. But when it turns out the campers are in actual danger from escaped criminals on a rampage, he has to channel his inner superhero in this funny, sarcastic tour de force. Born at Midnight by C. Hunter Move over, Hogwarts: Shadow Falls Camp is a training ground for shape-shifters, fairies, warewolves, vampires, and all sorts of teens who are trying to learn how to harness their magical powers.

Perfect for fans of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan Newly married to her slacker boyfriend—and seven months pregnant—Elly is working as a substitute counselor at weight-loss camp and trying to figure out how to become a mother. S taff picks are chosen by NYPL staff members and are not intended to be comprehensive lists.

We'd love to hear your picks! Sarah steals the woman's identity and falls in to a world full of scientific drama she never knew existed. She feeds on the sexual energy of humans. Bo is a also a detective who helps humans and Fae by solving mysteries and fixing problems. Perilous trials, from leaping over charging bulls and fighting the dreaded Minotaur, to surviving the rites of Dionysus and the temptations of a snake-headed goddess, ensue.

No matter how great the danger, Jason can count on his two new friends, studious Pythagoras and portly Hercules, to lighten the battle with a laugh.

The Raid and The Raid 2 are very entertaining action films with fantastic fight sequences. Subscribe on iTunes. It's difficult to overstate the influence of The Velvet Underground. Warhol would become one of the most important figures in the band's history. Lou Reed remembered the artist as The Velvet Underground's guardian:. We played all these galleries. And they say, 'how did he produce it? Early on, the band decided to wear black. He would take some of these movies and pictures and make them in geometric shapes, no curves, and then project it on black, so we were like human screens for his potpourri of images.

Reed explained the genesis of the image and discussed his favorite cover art:. But, I mean, the thing about the banana is you peel it. No one ever saw a pink banana Join the conversation today! This post was written by interns Emily Imbarrato and Rosie Shewnarain. He has assisted with many works such as Goosebumps, and has written stories of his own. He started off the session by asking the kids what brought them here today. Many said that they wish to become writers; others said that they were here last year and loved it, and most said that they wanted to improve their writing skills.

His inspiration for these books came from his love of monsters and Halloween. He advised the aspiring writers to write what they know and love. One of the exercises had the kids generate three ideas for potential stories. Some other ideas included: At break time, several of the kids demonstrated that they are not only amazing writers but also talented pianists. After the break, we began a different exercise that taught us how to collaborate with other writers. She told us about her childhood and her teachers shaped her into becoming a writer.

She explained that when she was a child her mean old teacher taught her that she had to have perfect spelling order to be a good writer. Sadly for her, she was a terrible speller which discouraged her from following her dreams. She became an elementary school teacher but soon after decided to give book writing a shot. Though she was a bad speller, she had lots of help from editors, publishers, and a writing group that she attends. After sharing her writing experience, the group broke off into an activity based on perspective.

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She showed a series pf pictures and asked the kids to write about what they saw. In the first picture, she asked everyone to write three words describing what they saw. Though many saw a picture of a dog and a woman, one kid saw mountains. For the second picture they had to name the person and explain what he had overcome and what he was going to do next. The last picture was of a woman sitting in room and the young writers had to make up the reason why she looked so sad. Intern Emily explained that the women was sad because she did not know what she would do after her last performance starring as Cinderella.

For the last exercise, the kids had to pick three things in the room to write about. He showed the group a list of what it takes to write a good action story:.

Shan'ge, the 'Mountain Songs' - Love Songs in Ming China | brill

He then had the children write their own adventure stories, one of which was about a girl who tries to escape one dangerous adventure only to be led into another one. Then they talked about creativity and how sometimes when working with someone you have to be able to work with their ideas. After this we did the same but with writing stories. Working in teams of three, each kid would write a sentence in their notebooks and they would pass it to their left.

Homo Xinensis Militant

They would then add another sentence to the story they received and it would continue on like that. August 2, The high temperature in New York City was 84 degrees, and the second World War was drawing to a close. Where were Greenwich Villagers going to wile away the hot evening hours?