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So I take it you are a gay male yourself? Interesting - I guess if one did discover they were gay, they would need to leave Barrow to lead a life. I don't care about Barrow not having any gay people. The whole point of this potential sabbatical is to have a good amount of time to myself in terms of no dating, relaxing a lot, learning, etc , although I would very much like to meet locals.

So, that is what the three months there will be all about. The one thing that concerns me about Barrow is my safety. I mean, maybe I am being ridiculous here, but you never know. For example, it's a possibility I could go into a business, speak and have it known all over town that I am gay. I am originally from small town Wisconsin, so I know that in a town the size of Barrow everyone knows your business and every one knows who is and who is not from town.

Bashings have happened recently in the Castro District of San Francisco close to where I live , so if it can happen a few blocks from "the gayest four corners in the world" the intersection of 18th St. Safety is a concern for me in bush Alaska.

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I am excited about the possibility of going. I am just in the early planning stages and just may head to Barrow and not any other parts of Alaska although I would like to. I'm not sure yet - there are a lot of possibilities and I want to spend a big chunk of time in Europe. But my desire to go to Alaska has stemmed from some bizarre fascination I've recently developed for Barrow. I am a straight woman last I looked Okay, no, I am not gay but a straight woman in my 60's who is seeking to settle somewhere, find a nice guy and make his life a living hell for the next 20 years Really, please start reading up on Eskimo culture as you will be surprised at how loving and peaceful and sharing they are remember, they share their wives in the igloos according to folklore.

They really are a very beautiful culture. If you were my son or brother, I would say go, personally.

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I am in Anchorage right now looking and finalizing a job. I have meet several gay men and a lesbian couple. They all live here and seem very happy. Didn't have any complaints about the city when we were talking. My husband and I have found that the people here are very kind. Of coarse I have only been here a week to. I had some questions because my best friend and her girlfriend wanted to come up, and I want them to be up here. Been friends with her since grade school, and if my husband and I ever have kids we want her and her partner to be the godparents if anything were to happen I want them to be close by.

Beone is talking about Barrow Anchorage is much more cosmopolitan than Barrow.

I am not concerned about the natives. I am more concerned about non-natives. Not concerned - that's a poor choice of words, but I want to make sure I am not at risk.

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Anyone who hears me talk would likely pick up on the fact that I am gay, even though they may not by my physical appearance You are hysterical! I know you didn't mean that to be funny, but you are hysterical! Beone, I am not sure how many non-Eskimos there are in Barrow. If you don't start doing your homework, I may have to beat you up myself And that is an order LOL tootsiewootsie Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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