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He was flopping around like a fish, even opening and closing his mouth in a fish-like manner. Dunhill straightened his cowboy hat.

Jake and Amir: Hotel Room

When he turned around, he was face-to-face with a pink haired creature that slightly resembled a beloved Sailor Moon character. The resident cutie and bestest magician!

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I knew that. I just wanted to hear you say it yourself. He seems like such a nice guy! Dunhill frowned. Why do you always have to act like your time is so valuable? What do you even do all day? I work. Masterful retort. The two glared daggers at each other and the distance between them grew as Henry was dragged back across the street to a cute little salon. She probably had a really pretty daughter who liked reading and riding horses.

Henry had never been so wrong before in his entire life. As soon as they walked in, a little bell above the door chimed and the smell of fancy shampoos hit their noses. At the counter there were two red headed young men talking. But yeah, he was a stupid bitch. Not very noticeable, but Henry began to doubt his initial judgement of the person. Dunhill continued to introduce Henry to them. Henry, this here is Allen--there you go, shake hands--and he runs the salon.

And this here is Yuri. Her shop is right next door.

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But the one thing that made Henry uncomfortable was Allen. He could practically feel the other's judgmental glance as the stylist looked him up from his shoes to his hat. Henry just knew that every piece of his clothing, every little detail that was scuffed and every little hair that was out of place, was being judged. If Allen were a cake, the first layer would be a fairly attractive meterosexual-maybe-kinda-homosexual guy. The second layer would be a sassy egoist. The third layer would be an elitist who was way too vocal about what was on his mind and didn't mind his words.

And the fourth layer would be pure Satanic bitchiness. You take one bite and you get the whole damn thing. Oh, how heroic. I am, after all, the best at what I do. I own the Tailor next door I can make you clothes if you bring me the material In what ass backwards world does the customer need to bring materials to the manufacturer? A very confused and disappointed Henry followed Dunhill down the dirt path a little ways. Inside, Henry was introduced to a determined looking woman named Rebecca. So you sell everything I could ever need to make essential buildings and cool decorations?

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I only provide just a small, small selection. The rest of the stuff you have to bust your ass for. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

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You know, I half expected Allen to want me to bring my own damn shampoo for a haircut. Also, your outfit looks very unfabulous today. There they met the chef and his assistant. They were both nice enough, and the young lady had a pleasant air about her. You say the darndest things, Henry! Michelle and Yuri are both prime marriage candidates. I dunno, Dunhill.

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I might have to rule Michelle out. Between his fingers was a beautiful red rose. He was handsome and charming in his own right, and Henry was quickly mesmerized. Henry could have sworn he noticed Felicity blush and sigh dreamily.

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Say hi to Charles, Henry. He had he really just said that? Charles must have been giving off a strange, seductive pheromone! Dunhill had to practically pry Henry out of his seat so they could continue their adventure. The west side of town was slightly less eventful. First they came across a young woman named Olivia, who gave off an aroma of chamomile and cherries. Apparently, she ran a tea and dessert stand on the weekends.

Going up a small hill, they came to a row of houses; two on the right and three on the left. On the right lived a spunky looking journalist with questionable hair. Next door to her unnecessarily large house was a cozy, Eastern style home. Outside was a man relaxing under a sun shade and happily chewing on an old, rusty coin. Yes, he was snacking on an old coin. And much to his dismay again, the house next to hers belonged to a youthful, lively blond kid. Then they hiked up to the upper right hand corner of the town, where Henry met a man who hated life more than he did.

Then they headed west for the upper left hand corner of the town. There stood a gorgeous, exotic mansion and in front of it a lavish fountain and attractive brick plaza with flowery decorations. Henry stopped dead in his tracks. Oh, Amir and his male escort! Well, go on and give it a knock!

Cautiously, Henry knocked on the gleaming double doors. A few seconds passed before the door opened and a young man with a dark complexion and snow-white hair greeted him, one half inside the mansion and the other half out. We were not expecting any visitors. I watch after this home very carefully, and I am profoundly grateful to Rachel for building it for us.

Do we have visitor? And it was the very moment Henry laid eyes on Amir that he saw a glimpse of heaven. Dunhill has spoken so many of your praises that he got us all very excited for your coming. If he did, something bad would come out. But the lovely man had just beckoned to him, and it would be a sin to ignore an angel. Amir blinked. Henry is, uh Again, the other three stared at him in confusion and concern.

After a few seconds, Henry pulled himself together and slipped his cap back on. Dunhill noticed.

It was there that they parted ways for the evening. Now, you go get yourself some well deserved sleep. Just make sure you knock beforehand, okay? Something unique about me is that I'm majored in Computer Science, so I am educated and intelligent, and can stimulate your mind as well. I enjoy making people feel and look great, and it helps me to pay off college tuition!