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It is your responsibility to comply to local laws. This website only provides a service which allows adult individuals to advertise their time and companionship to other adult individuals. I have just returned from a purposefully cut short visit to Marrakech and feel compelled to write a topic about my experiences for others to view and draw their own conclusions from. Please be aware that I'm not suggesting my review is representative of all trips to this city.

Reading up on this city before and after my trip suggests that many travellers have a magical, inspiring and trouble free stay. Unfortunately my experience of Marrakech was not so positive, I felt threatened by several situations whilst I was there, I was certainly badly ripped off and I eventually cut my trip short which is unfortunate as I like to think I'm reasonably well travelled and this is the first time I have ever done this.

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On my first full day I ventured down to the Jemaa El Fna a great experience and a sight to behold! So, as I wasn't too sure about navigating the souks through so early in my trip, I decided a taxi would be the best option, at least for the journey there. As I entered the taxi after a few minutes I eventually managed to get the driver to understand where I would like dropping off I was encouraged. Then I asked how much as we drove off "1 million" came the happy-joking response, we both laughed it off, when asked again he curtly responded " dirham".

At this point I felt the mood changed as we embarked on what can only be described as a white knuckle ride for what felt like only a mile at most. I tried to barter the price down and was met with a wall of silence. The the "fun" really began As we pulled up at allegedly the nearest entrance to where I wanted to go, the driver winds down the passenger window in the front and in pops the head of a local boy aged around at most.

After a brief conversation I strongly feel was about setting up the lone tourist in Arabic, my "guide" opens the taxi door from the outside A warm welcome ensued, even though I didn't want a guide. I started walking and was quickly accompanied by my unwanted guide. It all seemed pleasant enough and I quickly knew I would need a few coins shortly to get rid of him, but onwards we went into a maze of back alleys, derbs and unrecognisable streets.

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But he seemed friendly enough, telling me about how it was Ramadan, how hot is has been and other pleasantries such as asking me where I was from and whether this was my first time in Morocco As we wound through more and more streets I began to feel very hot in the blistering mid-day heat and increasingly disorientated, just as this happened we were quickly joined out of nowhere by his "cousin", who was an altogether different prospect to the year old boy.

He was in his late 20's or early 30's, had much rougher looking complexion, was very broad shouldered, much harder looking and immediately made me feel uneasy despite the initial welcome and pleasantries being similar to that of the 15 year old. They must have both picked up my unease as they kept reassuring me "you be ok, we look after you, please don't worry my friend".

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I began to feel an overwhelming sense of panic and increasing apprehension as I had now totally lost all bearings so giving them the slip wasn't really on the agenda - of course they would know these back streets like the back of their hand, I most certainly did not. We eventually arrived at Ali Ben Youssef Medersa to be met by another local who spoke briefly with my pair of guides in Arabic Fine I thought, this is my perfect excuse to get out of this uncomfortable situation, so I said "ah no problem, if you could point me back towards Jemaa El Fna, that will be great, I can come back here another time".

If only it was that easy. They then were insistent that I went to the tanneries "10 min from here, you will love, you will love" came the spiel. I was insistent that I didn't want to go so they gave up on that and said they would take me back to where I wanted to go, but insisted we went via their "brothers" pharmacy. Ok I thought, I will make a brief stop at this pharmacy, perhaps buy a token item, make my excuses and leave.

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If only it was as easy as that. As we approached the pharmacy through yet another maze of unrecognisable alleyways filled with many locals but surprising few tourists, I saw two other men outside who only spoke to my unwanted guides in Arabic. My unwanted guides accompanied me inside whilst the other men outside manoeuvred themselves across the doorway, effectively blocking an easy exit.

I was introduced to the "brother" by my unwanted guides who then proceeded to hard sell lotions and potions for all the ailments under the sun. Immediately after the sales patter I was presented with a list of all products and told "you would like to buy all". After several minutes of explaining that I didn't want to purchase them all, I decided I would have to buy one product as my insurance to get out of the pharmacy safely. So I chose the argan oil, again tried haggling only to be told abruptly "fixed price here only".

So I handed over dirham for a produced I felt forced to buy, and moved quickly towards the door with my unwanted purchase. This I thought would be the end of the ordeal, but it only got a whole lot uglier As I came back out into the blistering sun, all I wanted to do was get back to the relative safety of Jemaa El Fna from where I could head back to my riad and put the whole uncomfortable episode behind me. Instead I was quickly followed by my unwanted guides who promised to get me back there.

Again we navigated a seemingly endless maze of streets and alleys until we arrived at a much quieter one with no tourists and only a few Moroccan women quietly passing through with their food shopping without even making eye contact with me. In the middle of this quiet street the 15 years old points left and says "main square that way, easy to find" at which point I thought ok they aren't taking me to the square but it's money time and I can finally get rid of them without any further bother.

Not so. The rougher of my unwanted guides turns to me and aggressively says " dirham, dirham".

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Having read my guidebook thoroughly before, I thought this was incredibly steep and thought a few coins or small notes would suffice. So I offered a 50 dirham note and all my coins in good faith expecting them to accept and run off back into the alleys to accost more tourist prey.

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The response was "you insult us, this is not real money, how dare you insult us" I suddenly felt very uneasy being acutely aware that we seemed somewhat off the beaten track. Voices continued to get raised as they insisted I had insulted them and their "service" and to my surprise nobody stopped or intervened to help diffuse the situation, all the locals just carried on their business regardless despite the situation rapidly escalating out of my control. Then came the really frightening bit Feeling an absolute sense of terror I put my hand in my pocket and gave them dirham each, which they snatched from my hand I somehow stumbled back to the square I'm still not sure how as I was in a terrified blur, shaking with terror and anger that nobody had intervened to assist.

I felt like I had been mugged, only thankfully without the violence, although the use of it was certainly threatened to terrifying effect. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I went straight back to my riad for the rest of the afternoon where I felt more safe and secure. On my second full day, I woke up and tried to put the terrifying experience of the day before behind me, thinking to myself that I shouldn't let what happened ruin my week long trip or taint my opinion about Marrakech and Morocco in general. At this moment, you need to bargain just like you do when you buy a rug at the Moroccan market.

Marrakech - not a good experience - Marrakech Forum

Price will drop if you negotiate. Most of the time you will get a HJ includes a ball licking and bare back blow job, but not cum in mouth for dirhams or sex for dirhams. Again, sex is not always possible at the massage parlor, because some of the parlours only have curtains and not a private room. So most girls are afraid. Some of the girls allow fingering, but make sure you ask for a permission first. Some of the coffee shops around Jemaa el-Fnaa are cosidered local brothels.

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The Moroccan girls who are sitting alone or with other girls trying to get eye contact with men are all prostitutes. This is the local style to get girls with money. Prices are from down as dh to dh. If you are a tourist and want to bargain the price down, the best way is to give her a feeling having chances to move to Europe with you. There are no strip clubs in Marrakech. Most exotic dancing you will see are the belly dancing shows where the local dancers can be very sexy. They do not strip to topless though. KTVs hostess karaoke bars with beautiful female staff are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Marrakech.

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You can not find any swinger clubs from Marrakech. These type of venues do not exist anywhere in Morocco. There are no European style sex shops in whole Morocco. Some pharmacies in Marrakech will sell you viagra without prescription.

The disgusting escort situation in Morocco

Love hotels are popular in some parts of Asia , especially in Japan. There are also many love motels and short-time hotels in South America. Unfortunately you cannot find any real Japanese style love hotels in Marrakech. If there are short-time hotels near by, usually the working girls know all of these places. In Marrakech most cute girls at the discos at night ask for a lot more, starting with quotes of k Dh and seldom going below 1. I preferred to hunt daytime girls for that reason. The funny thing is that some of the cheapest daytime girls are the same ones that ask for a fortune at night, I guess they have off-peak rates like mobile phone companies.

Marrakech discos are also a rip-off: Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Marrakech as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat. Morocco sex tourism also attracts homosexual men and women. While homosexual acts are actually illegal in Morocco, there is still an underground gay and lesbian Morocco sex tourism scene that is particularly popular with the Arabs. Your best bet to get any type of BDSM services is to hire an Domina escort and ask her to punish you.

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