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He would never forgive himself if they got hurt because of him. He sighed with relief when he spotted the mansion where he worked. The sun was beginning to rise when he enter through the great gates, he was feeling extremely tired, but he would never let it show to anyone who he worked with. The servants of that place were always trying to find the smallest gap to convince his masters to send him away, so Jimin knew that — each passed day — he should be even more perfect on his work. And Jimin liked the job. He greeted them briefly, being completely ignored, and lead himself to the staircase.

The man only revered briefly and withdrew. He opened a small gap between the double doors, only to make sure that the little girl was yet in a deep and peaceful sleep, after that he closed the door and turned to the other side, taking his position — erect, with his hands behind his body and a serious countenance. And there are plenty ones passing by these halls today. I ordered you to call me like that, you need to obey my orders. Reluctantly, Jimin opened one of the doors and peeped the room, the eleven years old lass was sitting on the bed, under the blankets, and waved, opening the hopeful smile that her bodyguard appreciated the most.

Antoinette reminded him of his little sister and, because he could not spend the time that he wanted with her, he had become fond of the little future duchess. The lass opened her mouth to contest and try to win that discussion, but she stopped and snorted, crossing her arms while her countenance became sullen; that made Jimin let himself laugh a bit louder.

Antoinette was one of the most prettiest lasses he had ever met and she was only eleven. Jimin cared too much for her because he watched her grow up, always by her side, protecting and taking care of her of all the ways allowed to him, as far it was his task to do. He really treated her as a little sister and could even say that he nourished a fraternal love towards Nette, he wanted to protect her from the world as well. The lad laughed even louder. On the other hand, the girl did not like when Jimin laughed at her like that, she really thought that she felt a romantic love for and not a fraternal kind of love — as he always kept reminding her.

Of course it worked, because Jimin looked so handsome laughing like that while pronouncing her name. Antoinette grumbled, pulling the blankets over her face, pretending to get back to sleep. Jimin felt like they both were similar to each other, despite the great age difference, he needed to give her his strength, so she would not give up — like he, several times, almost did. They needed to accept the consequences of the circumstances in which they were born, overcome the bad parts and look ahead. And he did that even knowing that if Antoinette found out his truly self, she would disgusted and would probably call the guards, Jimin would be taken to the dungeon and executed in a matter of hours.

But he also could not blame her, a perfect society idea was implanted in the head of each human being, a complete brainwashing, and it would not be destroyed so soon. After all those tasks, they had dinner — Nette insisted that Jimin would always sit by her side to eat. He knew the lass did those things because she felt very solitary and, even though it was inappropriate, he accepted all her requests, because he simply could not accept the lifestyle she was forced to live.

Only when the future duchess was already calm in her bed, Jimin was dispensed and substituted by a general guard. Even though he was always worried about Antoinette, that was his time to rest and — God — he felt completely exhausted. And when he realized that he would have to walk for miles until he gets home, all he wanted was to just throw his body down on the floor and sleep right there. He opened the house door — his parents would always leave it opened since Jimin was always the last one to arrive — and locked it once he was inside.

It was late, that is why he got scared when he faced his youngest sister sitting in the living room.

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The little girl turned to his direction and Jimin could see her little eyes clearly swollen, he got worried and kneeled, waiting her to come into his arms. Every day his parents repeated that all the members of the family should be extremely careful, they reinforced to Sunhee and Jihyun that they could never open the door to anyone while the adults were working.

Jimin was afraid that that situation in which they lived — always in danger — would end up traumatizing his younger siblings in a irreversible manner. Sunhee was born an alpha, but she would never learn to behave as one if they parents continued to always implant fear. They should be learning how to protect themselves, not how to run away like cowards. Why should they live the rest of their lives running away from humans that wanted to exterminate them?

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They should be training how to hit back. They should be joining others and resisting. One of the best qualities of the eldest one was to continue persistent, even in the worse moments — and that family had already lived a lot of those. He lay down next to his sister and began a delicate caress on her head, he knew that would make her sleep in some minutes. I promise. He had promised to his sister that he would never — ever — let something bad happen.

He knew that, if they kept running away and hiding like rats, something bad would — definitely — happen. J eon Jungkook did not bother to get up early on that day, even considering the fact that he had woken up hours before. He knew that everyone would feel forced to begin the day with him and he wanted them to rest a bit more, besides it allowed him to have a little more privacy to himself, he needed to think and it was very hard to do so when all those people filled him unwanted news soon in the morning.

He was feeling his arms and legs sore due to the intensive training that he had with the others warriors the day before, some years ago he would be throwing a tantrum so his mother would massage where it was aching and spoil him the best as he could take advantage of.

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But, well, the actual days were different and Jungkook did not have parents anymore. He grabbed his canteen, which was over the table where he and his men were reunited the other night to discuss where shall they follow with the camp, then he drank some water. But they were back to square one, the place they were located currently was no longer safe, they were desperate to pack their things and rummage to another spot that would be far away from the french army — that was each day closer.

They were impatient and the commander — Jungkook — could feel the siege closing itself around them at a unwanted speed, he needed to act quickly and think about a way out of that situation. He did not want to get to the point of having to take drastic measures, but he was aware that it was close to happen, the situation was making him angry and apprehensive.

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And, while the commander was lost in his own thoughts, he ended up bumping onto the canteen placed on the table; it fell to the floor e Jungkook began to curse himself mentally, it was not that noisy, but it was enough. He soon could hear the sound of the mothers and fathers waking up their pups, the heavy steps of the warriors around his tent and a specific voice already irritating him so early.

Kim Taehyung entered the tent, without even asking for permission — not that he really needed the word, both of them had grown up together —, but the elder one knew how annoyed his commander was on that particular day. Maxine was the one captured. The Kim nodded and exited the tent, screaming in order to all begin to get ready and pack their belongings, the camp spot would change once again.

It was cruel, Jungkook was aware of that, but he was also aware that he must sacrifice the life of one man if his purpose was to save the life of several ones. There were children there, omegas that were carrying pups inside their belly, and all of them depended on Commander Jeon. He simply could not count on good luck, he had to make a decision and the rule was clear: All people were waiting for their commander, already with their belongings packed and apprehensive with the fear that, anytime, french human soldiers could show up and attack them with no mercy.

Jungkook soon put himself in front of that line of people that would follow him to north, beside him was Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung and some others french alphas that joined his pack. They only debated about a few more details before taking that direction, that was exactly the drastic measure the commander did not want to take and they could not take too long. He walked his eyes, one more time, through all his folk, he could smell the fear emanating from them, but he could not let himself envolve by that feeling — he was their only chance of surviving.

He turned back to the road they were about to follow and gave the order to the beginning of the trip. They were trying to do that fastly, but they should keep cautious, they were looking to all the sides of the road, Jungkook was — slowly — being taken by the fear that the court soldiers already knew the lupines location and their plans of setting up a camp somewhere else, thus already setting traps around that road Jungkook was taking.

That could not happen at all, Jeon could not fail again. The alpha needed to be responsible and stand tuned about each movement of those woods. He was a little in front of his commander, he should protect the other if a surprise attack happened. In that moment, Jung wanted to know the reason why his parents curse their leader. Jungkook runed his eyes through the sides of the road once again, trying to see something between the trees, but everything seemed normal, so he decided that he should really listen to his subordinate and trust that everything was going to be alright.