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Something I suspect many others do as well, as having popped my head around the corner to see just how many people go to them, it is clear that usually they are not well attended.

Atlantis Gay Cruise 2018 - Harmony of the Seas

I think the time has come to be less ghetto and more mainstream. Time to stop being a friend of Dorothy, and time to just be friendly with anyone that interests you on-board? Do you have a different view, experience or tips on the topic? Please add your thoughts to this discussion. Here is how it came about. I went solo on a cruise. I went to the dining room for a pre departure lunch, I was seated at a large table for 12, there were 4 other men at the table.

The rest of the dining room was partly empty.

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It was odd and sort of amusing, the 12 of us eyeing each other until someone said. There was laughter as all the hands were raised. We should have a meeting and see how many other gays are onboard. The next day it was in the newsletter. We met in a bar in the afternoon and more than 50 guys showed up.

For the rest of the cruise we took over one of the pools, and one of the bars at night. We even reserved one of the special restaurants one night. And it is also true that most were couples, But it is a great way to meet fellow, like minded travelers quickly. Especially when you are traveling solo.

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What prudes! Should I have been more specific? What a waste of time that site is! Check out my https: It can be very lonely being not just a gay cruiser but for any single person and sometimes you need just hang with people you have more in common with.

It would be a pity to lose this option. I would take it even further and have a dining table set aside for single travelers in general. Regardless of ones sexuality, a table for singles would be much more fun! The Commodore Lounge is a great venue for group get togethers. Thanks for adding your thoughts and insights. I agree with you that Cunard seem to be the best at catering for both single travellers more generally and also the FOD community and I have seen a lot of friendships and groups coming together through FOD.

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Finding the best time for them does seem to be an on going discussion! Gary, You are a young man. Your view of being gay aboard ships — or interacting with gay people whilst aboard — comes from a different era to mine Born My partner and I cruise a great deal and for long periods and we have met many incredible people at the F.

Just to sit and chat with no other pressures other than an exchange of views, politely, in a safe forum is freedom such as we never expected to enjoy. I would appreciate it if you would be more understanding of a part of society and a time of life which you have yet to embrace.

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I am not convinced that there is a real role for meetings like friends of Dorothy any longer. There are some exceptions I think where they may still play a role: Final word! If you enjoyed this article, please follow Tips For Travellers on: YouTube Channel: Helping you to make the most of your precious vacation time and money. Related posts. Tips for Travellers Shortlisted. Please Vote. That's a great bar, let them know you need something non-alcoholic.

On our last NCL cruise, dd20 and ds19 went to scheduled young adult meet ups every night until they formed a large friend group. I'd imagine some of them were gay, they both have several gay friends on land.

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