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The cameras, way up in the auditorium, show ballet from a limited point of view.

Having older brothers tied to being gay, if you're a guy - CNN

But on Instagram, the close-up angles, taped ankles, the veins and arteries flooded with blood, give us ballet as the dancer experiences it. Rather than removing the magic of a darkened theater, this intimacy brings us closer to the my-God-how-does-the-human-body-do-that awe that ballet inspires.

It shows us the feat behind the art, reminding us that the foundation of dance is physical strength — a quality associated with traditional masculinity.

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Harper Watters , 26, is many things: On his website, he calls himself the Wendy Williams of ballet. When I talk to him, he elaborates: In many ways, this could be a live-stream of two young gay men getting ready for a night out at the bars, but over the course of the Two years ago, before his promotion to demisoloist, a director taught Watters an important lesson: Every step has to have intention.

This was the dominant narrative in the s, when only a few male dancers were openly gay. Lidberg has since become a leading choreographer around the world, developing works for companies such as City Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet. Its central theme is that existential desire to connect. Possokhov declined to comment for this story.

He also tries to convey something he rarely sees in ballet — not just sexuality, but companionship and tenderness between men.

Gay Stereotypes: Are They True?

In other words, love. An essential part of queerness is fluidity — between identities, expectations, definitions and that word no one likes, labels. And what is dance if not fluid — in motion, in music, in the blend between physical and artistic? Ballet is most powerful when it is most fluid. So, too, is the dancer, when he, or she, or they, moves fluidly. A dancer must move between roles — now Romeo, now a prince, now a ruby — just as a queer person moves between roles, finding comfort and creativity in that movement.

His dream now: He sees the artistic potential of bringing this to a character who transforms from swan to human and back.

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It would seem that way: He now mentors young transgender and gender-nonconforming dancers. I can give them that. Every dancer I spoke with has a story of how their art touched someone in unexpected ways, just as the ballerino from Winnipeg gave me something I could carry far into my future.

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Art is nothing if it does not connect, and these dancers are connecting with people who might previously have thought ballet could not, or would not, speak for them. Whiteside tells me about a letter he received from a woman who thinks her young son is gay.

The boy loves to dance, the mother writes, and wants to be like Whiteside when he grows up. His classmates make fun of him for loving ballet, but the mother is proud of her son for staying resolute; seeing Whiteside become successful gives her hope as a parent. Most of us are just like everyone else.

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Are gays just like straights? Or is Hollywood's frequent portrayal of gay men as feminine more accurate? We talked to Carson Kressley and Ted Allen, two of the stars of the hit television show "Queer Eye" about the stereotypes. What, we asked, are the stereotypes about gay men?

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But, says Allen, the stereotypes are not always true. Not all straight men are bad dressers," he said. There is research that suggests gay men do prefer certain professions, like fashion, interior design and hair coloring, and that lesbians are more likely to prefer sports and the military. Researchers say it's because lesbians, on average, are attracted to more masculine occupations, and gay men tend to prefer more feminine occupations. Increasingly gay people are visible in every profession.

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Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres are high-profile lesbians working in comedy and daytime television. Barney Frank is an openly gay congressman from Massachusetts. And the writers of the show "Will and Grace" made their main gay character, Will Truman, a high-powered attorney. But the stereotypes do persist. The show's most famous character, Jack McFarland, is flamboyantly feminine.

Having older brothers increases men's likelihood of being gay

Northwestern University psychology professor Michael Bailey has spent years studying human sexuality. He says sexual orientation is something people are born with, and this orientation makes some gay men more feminine. And it probably has to do with the causes of sexual orientation and early effects of hormones on the brain," Bailey said. Bailey did a survey of professional dancers and found half the men were gay. But why? It's no big deal, and as a matter of fact, it's almost celebrated if you're gay," said dancer Meredith Rainey. I think it's a good thing.