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Aravosis received on-the-record confirmation, complete with five invoices paid by Delaware's Bedrock Corp. The Web designer also forwarded to Aravosis dozens of unused photos that Guckert sent him when the site was being built. AmericaBlog also details scores of other gay escort sites featuring photos and personal profiles of Guckert, such as MaleCorps.

Guckert's first site remained live until May 8, , one month after he began covering the White House for Talon. According to Aravosis' research, Guckert's escort profile on WorkingBoys. Aravosis says he contacted Guckert for comment for the story but received none.

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On Sunday night, Guckert had a two-hour phone conversation wtih Michelangelo Signorile, who hosts a talk show on Sirius satellite radio. Although much of the conversation was private, according to Signorile, he asked Guckert specifically, and on the record, about his gay escort past. Addressing the question of why Guckert's personal life matters, Aravosis wrote, "This is the Conservative Republican Bush White House we're talking about. It's looking increasingly like they made a decision to allow a hooker to ask the President of the United States questions. They made a decision to give a man with an alias and no journalistic experience access to the West Wing of the White House on a 'daily basis.

Revelations about Guckert's past certainly do not square with Talon's openly conservative approach. Talon has defended Bush on the issue of a gay-marriage ban and supported the notion of "ex-gays. John Kerry "might someday be known as 'the first gay president. Guckert's brand of openly partisan journalism was often suspect.

Last February he reported that a former Kerry intern had taped an interview with "one of the major television networks" to discuss her affair with the senator, an assertion that was completely false.

The intern never appeared on television and never claimed to have had an affair with Kerry. Since quitting, all of Gannon's stories have been scrubbed from the Talon site. Describing its editorial mission, Eberle told the Dallas Morning News that if he, as editor, came across a story that was critical of Republicans, "you bet we'd be covering it.

In fact, Gannon was still in Delaware, though he drove to the Capitol on September 12 just to express his solidarity with his embattled country. The attacks, he said, only heightened his resolve to straighten out his life and contribute to the commonwealth. Now he intensified his writing, and, to clean his slate completely, moved to Washington, D.

Though his escort business seemed to be tapering off and some of those Web sites went off-line, the two livelihoods apparently overlapped on occasion: Eberle was looking to start a national news service and, after meeting Gannon during a Washington, D. It was a shoestring operation: It was for Gopusa. Gannon says it took him some time to obtain the pass, forced as he was to navigate the White House bureaucracy, but he is evasive on just how long, or with whom he dealt, or who finally let him in.

Perhaps the story ends there. In retrospect, we all obviously should have paid more attention to the guy. Day after day, he kept getting his day pass. This requires, among other things, that the online publication for which one works must charge a subscription fee or earn advertising income; that its reporters cannot be political partisans or lobbyists; and, that all of its correspondents must earn their principal income from the publication. We wondered whether, following the Gannon affair, the White House would tighten up the rule for day passes—to prove that Gannon was a fluke—or would keep things loose, to prove his easy passage was hardly exceptional.

From what we could tell, it was the second. There were the pro-Bush stories: Then there were the anti-Democratic stories: The Daschle campaign spread the word, but no reporters bit. Gannon was as predictable in the White House briefings as he was online. He defended the war in Iraq, suggested that the torture at Abu Ghraib might not be as unwarranted as it appeared, attacked Kerry and other Democrats and the mainstream media.

When he was critical of the Bush administration, it was only for being insufficiently committed to conservative causes, or for failing to defend itself properly, or for kowtowing to its enemies.

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A few reporters complained, but most were indifferent. Even on the right, Gannon was not alone; joining him was Les Kinsolving, a Baltimore radio commentator who regularly excoriates gays. Such characters have proliferated in recent years as the briefings became both televised and, therefore, more enticing to people with axes to grind and largely substance-free, particularly in this administration, discouraging many mainstream reporters from even showing up.

Still, some reporters kept their distance, especially when Gannon wanted something. The question is whether someone big was helping this guy, and who. He was like a newborn baby, full of glee and giddiness, always with a smile on his face and always laughing. David Brock, the former right-wing writer who now runs Media Matters for America, a group monitoring the conservative press, was watching the presidential briefing on January 26 when Gannon asked his now famous question.

Brock asked his researchers to find out who Gannon and Talon News were. The next day, Media Matters noted that Gannon, who had accused other reporters of working from Democratic talking points, had lifted more than half of two articles under his byline from Republican press releases.

Instantaneously, a couple hundred joined in the hunt. In the meantime, people scoured the Internet for information on him before Talon News and Gopusa, suddenly embarrassed by their ties to Gannon, erased his articles from their sites. On February 8, Gannon says, he resigned from Talon News. The White House has yet to respond, but the Department of Homeland Security has pledged to collect the relevant documents. Available for hourly, overnight, weekend, or longer travel. Some gay groups are discomfited by the outing onslaught visited upon Gannon. On March 24, Propagannon posted that Gannon had never been a Marine—a fact that Gannon himself now readily admits, and which, more remarkably, he says he never claimed.

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But as time passed, Gannon came to seem, to at least some of the bloggers, as more like a freelance zealot than the linchpin of some much larger conspiracy. Interest in him waned and some of them even came to feel sorry for him, at least until he uttered his latest outrage.

Creeping yuppiedom is enveloping it; what was once the bar next door now advertises shrimp with saffron and orange on the blackboard outside. Parishioners, 80 percent of whom are black, have been priced out of the neighborhood and have a hard time parking when they come back. Walk-in traffic is sparse, especially for the Wednesday-night service. Gannon, a red hymnal in his hand, arrived a minute or two late one recent Wednesday, but there was good cause: He is one of 6 people, 3 white and 3 black, in the hall, which holds A few blocks away, past a pocket park—Gannon dumps his coffee grounds there once a week to feed the conifers, and lobbied to plant marigolds and begonias—is his simple ground-floor apartment.

In one corner of his bookcase, near a portrait of Jesus, is a mini-library on the Marines: Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony.

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A laminated photo of the Iwo Jima memorial, along with his Christmas picture with the Bushes, he uses as coasters. If you want a friend in Washington, Harry Truman famously said, get a dog. Gannon did Truman one better, bringing Winston with him, and it turned out to be a wise move. As we speak about his peculiar adventure, Gannon veers between indignation and sadness, defiance and amusement. I wish to Hell I had the time in the day to sit and dwell on such matters until I can convince myself they were believable. But, hey, those things called reality, life and career kinda take precedent.

Poor Morrow looks pretty lonesome. He is dismissed with prejudice. Your ideas are mostly fiction, Bri. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of politics georgew. David Harlem Who the hell would have sex with Karl Rove? Brent Labee his adderall kicked in. RIGay I wish to Hell I had the time in the day to sit and dwell on such matters until I can convince myself they were believable.

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