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In term of HIV prevention, there has never been a case of a person with an undetectable viral load passing on HIV to a sexual partner, a fact backed up by major international studies. These strategies include: All these strategies carry risks that vary according to practice and circumstance. Find out more about risk reduction strategies.

Testing regularly so you know your HIV status allows you to protect your health and the health of your sexual partners. If you find out you have HIV, you can then take steps to benefit your health, including talking to your doctor about treatment.

The sexual behaviour of young gay men in England and Wales.

You can help out by getting tested at least twice a year, or up to four times a year if you have more than 10 different partners in 6 months or have sex without condoms. There are other testing technologies that are being assessed for use in Australia, such as home-based testing kits. More information will be provided on these as they become available. To find out more or to make an appointment to get tested in Sydney, please visit www.

Sexually transmissible infections STIs are infections that are transmitted during sex through body contact or the exchange of body fluids i. STIs can be caused by viruses e. HIV, herpes, genital warts , bacteria e. If you manage your sexual health and play it safe you can significantly reduce your risk of getting an STI, or passing it on to a sexual partner. Infection rates for some STIs — such as HIV, gonorrhoea and syphilis — are much higher among gay men than in the general population. The best way to prevent HIV transmission among men is to have safe sex by using a condom and water based lubricant for anal sex.

The site also has information for gay men about testing for and treating STIs, as well as the ability to make an appointment with one of our a[TEST] clinics for a test. The below workshops are for all gay men. We also run other workshops for young gay men aged The workshops are relaxed, fun and are designed to encourage participation and great conversations. It allowed me to open my mind to new opinions and perspectives. Workshop details: To register, email lrabie acon.

When it comes to sexual health, lots of gay men like to speak with a supportive doctor who understands the ins and outs of gay sex. May To get free condoms at your community venue, event or clinic, please contact your nearest ACON office. Compliance with the PlayZone Code ensures that patrons of SOPVs have a right to be treated with respect while in the venues, to practice safe, consensual sex and access to sexual health information.

Our Sexperts are peer education volunteers who visit sex on premises venues and have discussions with the customers about sexual health, HIV and STI testing, and other relevant topics. We already have a really committed and fun group of volunteers which we are looking to add to as we expand the project to new premises. To express interest in becoming a Sexpert contact us on: Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers, yet studies show that LGBTIQ people are less likely than the general population to attend cervical screening.

Having regular Cervical Screening Tests is the best way people in our communities can protect themselves against cervical cancer.

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Other changes include the age of screening increasing from 18 years to 25 years, and the time between tests changing from two to five years. Watch community members talk about their experiences of cervical screening for The Inner Circle campaign.

What Younger Gay Men Really Think About Older Guys (And Vice Versa)

Read more about Check OUT and book a test today. To find out more please visit our Mental Health section. We provide a range of resources and support services to help young gay and same sex attracted men who use alcohol and other drugs.

A married gay man is running for president. That's a big deal.

We provide a range of resources and support services to help young gay and same sex attracted men who are experiencing homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination. We provide a range of resources and support services to help young gay and same sex attracted men who are experiencing domestic and family violence. Start Making Sense This a free workshop for young gay men aged 18 to Sign up here Adult Themes Meet like minded guys and explore issues around sexuality, intimacy, relationships, sexual attitudes, communication, HIV and sexual health. Oxford St: Watch the video for our STI awareness campaign below: Looking For Mr.

Well, maybe we can help. Wednesday, 10 October to 31 October Time: More Workshops Coming Soon! We are currently revamping our workshops. Keep an eye on this space. Gay Friendly GPs When it comes to sexual health, lots of gay men like to speak with a supportive doctor who understands the ins and outs of gay sex. Free Condoms Get It On! The Customers: Free condoms and lube will be made available at all times.

Free condoms and lube will be accessible near areas like the darkroom. Information leaflets will be accessible near areas with good lighting. The Venue: Lighting is appropriate enough so you can read the resources available; find the free condoms and lube; so staff can clean properly and so you can see where you are going. The Staff: Will be trained in the basics of sexual health, as well as drugs and alcohol, and will be able to show you where the information leaflets are within the venue if you need them. Will be able to help you if you need basic information on sexual health or drugs and alcohol.

Will also be able to give you information on sexual health clinics. Information from the comments provided may also be passed on to the SOPV managers and staff for response. By , that number had flipped: And during this time, candidates who publicly identify as gay, bisexual and transgender have broken barriers with their wins.

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Kate Brown became the first bisexual governor in the US in when she was appointed in Oregon. She has been elected twice since then. All of this is to say, quite simply, that in a relatively brief period of time, the politics surrounding gay marriage and LGBT equality shifted dramatically. And even though issues surrounding LGBT equality are hardly settled, Buttigieg's announcement is a good reminder of the progress that has been made.

Buttigieg, who was elected mayor in at the age of 29, came out in -- days before the Supreme Court struck down same-sex marriage bans nationwide. In a column titled 'Why coming out matters," he wrote about the difficulty he had coming to terms with his sexuality and being open about it publicly. For a local student struggling with her sexuality, it might be helpful for an openly gay mayor to send the message that her community will always have a place for her.

And for a conservative resident from a different generation, whose unease with social change is partly rooted in the impression that he doesn't know anyone gay, perhaps a familiar face can be a reminder that we're all in this together as a community. Buttigieg might not have a real chance at winning the Democratic nomination. But by announcing he is running for the highest office in the land with a video that features his husband, he's already on the path to accomplishing what he set out to do in his column.

He acknowledged as much to CNN's Dan Merica on Wednesday, saying, "I am also mindful of the fact that this just might make it a little easier for the next person who comes along. My sincere hope is that by the time my kids are old enough, once we have kids, to understand politics, that it won't even be newsworthy.

And who knows. Maybe he'll make the debate stage. Maybe he'll take off in Iowa, and that momentum will propel him further than we can foresee now. But one thing is for sure: