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Reasons to Date a Soldier

Torso shots will do. But on Facebook, that's not possible. So the only people who join Facebook's gay dating pages are people who are so far out of the closet they can't find their shoes.

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So how is it possible that the most popular Facebook page belongs to a closeted group like gays in the military? Presumably, all the members are former military. What else could explain the irony? But wait there's more. There are two other popular pages whose members belong to highly closeted demos: African-Americans and older Americans.

Isn't that funny? Members of the most closeted groups use the most blatantly open website to meet each other. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Here's the list ranked by of Likes: Gay Mature Dating 6, Click here to see the next five in the top 10 Facebook pages devoted to gay dating. Mike Alvear.

10 Reasons Why Gay Military Men Are Great Boyfriends! - Men's Variety

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My Date with the Military Boy

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South Korea’s Army Are Allegedly Using Dating Apps to Target Gay Soldiers

Sick of flakey guys who show up late for planned get-togethers? One of the biggest benefits of dating someone gay in the military is bedroom time. Plus, we have great stamina! Gay military men make for the BEST boyfriends! If you need structure in your life, look no further. Dating a man in uniform is a surefire way to guarantee everything happens exactly as planned. We gay military men are old school when it comes to romance. Think about it — has a man in uniform ever gone out of style?

To this day, our culture fetishes military men and with good reason. Most all of us have advanced training with college degrees. We can hold our own in conversations and then some! To a fault, most military men are strong and this is particularly true of gay service members. A good sized portion of military personnel will live in different locations several times over the course of their careers. This allows us to be exposed to different types of people. The end result? I realize that not every single trait here applies to every single gay guy in the military.

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