i am gay i like men

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Has some really good sex scenes and it has a lot of fetishy stuff. Another one in the same vein is Dramatical Murder. The latter has a very convoluted story line but is still decent. Also, going off on another recommendation someone else mentioned in this thread, the same person who makes Corruption of Champions has another similar game called Trials in Tainted Space. Hey, Dukedyduke, just a quick heads-up: You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'. Have a nice day! The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment. This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit.

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Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered! For those curious, you can get Morenatsu here , and you can get an uncensored patch here. The game's unfinished, it was abandoned leaving a couple characters without a finished story line. There's a couple projects trying to finish it, such as Morenatsu Revisited , but let's be real, Shin has a finished line and he's all that matters.

Just got through one of the routes and I've really enjoyed it so far. Torahiko, Soutarou, and Kyouji are the main characters without routes, so try not to get tooo attached to them. Thanks so much for that! Was going to possibly do Torahiko next, so it looks like its a toss-up between Tatsuki and Shin then haha. Where did you get the No Thank You download? Can't seem to find anything besides sketchy links.

It's one of the rare "bara" games, and the only one translated in English officially, so it's way better to support those versions instead of getting it illegally. To be honest, I got it from a sketchy link haha I don't really remember what site though, but it was from one of those random upload sites. DMMD is just "decent"? I'm offended.

NTY kinda traumatized me with the lack of good endings No thank you also has a femenine dude as top, that's why is not more hyped evento thought it came out a long time ago. I know - that's why I posted. I need to find more! The updates are too slow for the WIP, so I'm trying to tap every source from the collective gaymer community. There is so little honestly. There are some vns that aren't traps, but good luck finding any in english.

Not that the plot is any good most of the time anyway. Black Monkey has a the best art imo, any of the vns are the most consistently gay, instead of traps, gender bender, or otherwise gay men marketed towards women. Black Monkey got repetitive with the body type for me. All these games are so damn rough: You'd probably Amorous then: If you don't mind furry stuff try Wily Bear Beach. Very sex positive, nothing non consensual or bdsm. Just chill sexy times between friends. The End of Dreams by konohanaya is a neat little turn based RPG ala final fantasy with some nsfw scenes sprinkled in.

The first chapter is fully translated while the second one was expected several years ago and is still to my knowledge in progress.

Male-oriented sexuality

Don't buy this game. I bought it and it was completely buggy and even after weeks of emailing, I got no response and no technical support. No refund either. Stay away from this game.

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A hand in the darkness is set in a boarding School and has some nice story lines. Coming out on top every1 already knows. And starfighter is my favourite! It's set in the world from the comic Starfighter. Has some nice sex scenes and you can have allot of bad endings you die. I really like Orc fantasies, so bonfire is totally in my wheelhouse. It's a bit rough around the edges still, but that can be forgiven. What can't really be forgiven is that all the Orcs are cut.

Gayest Shit I Ever Seen! Gay Porn Simulator?!? - - Rinse And Repeat

Orcs should have foreskin. Or at least make it an option.

Best Gay Porn Games, Yaoi and Gay Sex Games

Tearoom is one that comes to mind. Also, the Radiator 2 pack.

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Morenatsu's a classic, official development stopped but fans are currently working on revamping and completing it. Recommend playing both, as the SFW version replaces the erotic content with more emotional stuff. Amorous is very much a sexy dating sim, though it has options for straight interaction. WIP if I remember. You don't need to be a patron to download. There are amazing textured models of men out there, from Skyrim to WWF games and so on. And it's no big challenge to create environments: Can someone please just combine the two?

Make the men scriptable in some fashion or give them a basic AI, then set them loose in whatever environments seem hottest. I don't care as much about sexy games. They're novelties but I have yet to try something that really turns me on. I've always enjoyed Cruising Room.

Since you can't make it fullscreen, I normally just change the size of my browser window to hide all the ads in the margins. I like boyfriend to death, basically a dating sim with murderers, paths range from completely garbage supernatural bullshit to really good and creepy.

They write it so that the protagonist is gender ambiguous. Not for the faint of heart. But lots of fun! I'm all for any posts telling people about Strange Flesh. Great game, great music, sexy character designs and plot, just too short!

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But hey, always leave 'em wanting more. I just got home from uni and realised that I had this tab open all day.

How do I keep fucking up like this? Love my life. When the enemies are transformed by the smoke, they're usually dressed up in bondage gear the higher level the more gear - i. Wow, there is a lot of information that's only in the PDF manual, as opposed to in the in-game instructions. That explains why I had no idea how the game worked. I was literally just punching guys and wondering when the sex would start. Do you consider Daddy Dating Simulator to fit? It's similar to Coming Out on Top in some ways, but more older customizable player dudes, heteroflexible and with less sex scenes.

The romances were similar to COOT and all the daddies have children that contribute to the storyline. I got it on sale on Steam awhile back.