i am gay i like men

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No matter how hard you to try to hide it, if you possess feelings of hopelessness and disgust about gay men and dating, you may be exhibiting this in your body language without your being aware of it and you will be repelling quality men from approaching or wanting to be around you—the very opposite thing that you want! Often times, men meet their life partner by doing such purpose-driven activities because it affords them the ability to meet other men who share their higher-level values and vision…and these are the types of relationships that have the most success because of such existential commonalities.

Make sure the venues you select are aligned with your interests and values and work on honing savvy social skills and flirting abilities. So hang in there, my friend, and keep the focus on things that you have control over and take stock of the things you are grateful for and that are positive in your life to stay centered on the affirmative. Good men are out there everywhere even in Michigan! Keep persevering and enjoy! Your Name required. Your Email required. And most people are bitter and angry because of food restrictions and inevitable weight gain.

Why are so many gay men bitter and jaded?

R14 Sorry to disappoint you, but I am very happy with my life and am probably no more insecure than most people. I certainly am not so insecure as to feel compelled to try to put down others and accuse them of being things they are not. Many are bitter but of this group only a few have actually experienced enough of life to actually be called "jaded. In olden days and maybe still, they would cluster together in certain sections of gay bars- and snipe and sneer. Now they all seem to end up here at datalounge.

The "older gay men" of today were in their 20s in the s. It was a different world already by then, at least in the major urban areas. You could live a gay life with little outside hassle in most cities. I know because I was there. The alleged bitterness is a stereotype. To whom is the OP trollingly referring? People sitting in bars. There's the answer staring you in the face.

A certain amount of world-weariness comes with the territory - seen it all, did it all, feeling past it, feeling bored, wanting what you can't have, not being able to do much with what you get even if you pay for it - that's all the habitual pose of many affluent and worldly people in middle age and beyond. A lack of illusion - not living the bullshit of conventional life - can bring ennui.

I am jaded with gay dating

And not the fake adolescent variety. The vacancy of unbelief and being a burnt-out case. And if gay people simply express it better than straight people do, it doesn't make it more prevalent among us. We're just better at riffing "bitterness" and not bothering to hide it. But I don't know many bitter older gay people. In fact stepping out on a limb , I know more bitter older lesbians than older gay men. I don't know why that is, and it may just be because of the people I happen to know. R26 Please explain how feeling sad or empathy for someone is the same as being bitter or jaded.

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Do bitter and jaded people even care how others feel? How is being grateful I dont often encounter negative people a bad thing? Why are so many gays so nasty and vicious to each other? It's all over these threads, and quite frankly I find it disappointing. OP, this issue has been bugging me all morning. I'm in the military and going to school using Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.

I called them to ask a question about a debt notification, and the obviously gay representative was going out of his way to be bitchy and condescending while remaining mindful that our call was being recorded. I got fed up and hung up on the asshole, then called my school to explain the situation. The female, regardless of whether or not she was straight or gay, was incredibly helpful. She even ended her call by telling me that I can call back if I need anything else because she's there to help. I'm not going to lie I'm one of those gay men who suffers from internalized homophobia, and I'm really trying to change that.

However, it seems like a lot of gay men get off on treating others like shit for no reason. You got balls but they're useless. Remove them and donate them please. Chaz Bono would make good use of them than you could ever do. Seriously, how does feeling bad for someone who is struggling a bad thing?

First, Know There Are Stages for Figuring Out Our Sexual Identity

How is not wanting negative people around a bad thing? You seem so sure this is true, but yet you have not really explained why it is true. R14 sounds like quite the piece of work. Nothing that R13 said was untrue or particularly "bitter. R13 you are not bitter or jaded, but you maybe over sensitive. You're also deluded if you think someone like R37 is going to explain why their bullshit is not just that - bullshit. My guess is you struck a nerve and wrote something that strikes too close to home for them.

Bitterness and jadedness are so repulsive. Nothing makes people flee a gay man more than those two qualities. Also the fags who are cowardly nasty to girls, making girls as their worst enemy. What a disgrace for the entire male population. R41 that is truly the perfect you tube clip to go with this thread.

Dating in the gay world is really frustrating

I'm so lucky to be on datalounge today to see that. Peggy Lee singing "Is that all there is? There was once a fellow in a drugstore who seemed to be taking particular delight in loudly announcing to anyone who would listen that I have much more weight on my frame than he regarded as acceptable. After a minute or two of his blathering, I walked right up to him, got in his face and said: A sawmill?! It's my body and my business I suggest you get out of my sight before I decide to make you sing soprano for the rest of your miserable life. What are you waiting for fool?!

A lot of queens are just bitter because they don't get enough dick, plain and simple. They are thirsty and take out their misery on any innocent bystanders! The others are just hating ass bitches, who can't stand any other gay man to be successful. We have lots of those here. Will be interesting to see in a generation or so after gay marriage has settled down if the numbers of bitter Mary's for they are not always old, decreases due to finding love and so forth early on in life and being happy.

Have always felt men like Paul Lynde were so miserable because they internalized all the hatred directed towards gays at the time. My dad is always referring to the militarized gays, as if they're a terrifying army. When I get offended, he always claims I'm the exception. And I reply, whose to say the so-called "militarized gays" aren't the exception? To which he responds that they're all over the place. R32, customer service jobs are the easiest jobs to get; unfortunately, many people are not cut out for it.

People whining and complaining all day long, one must have very thick skin to survive and do it with a smile on your face.

Many become robots which annoys the hell out of me. In college I once worked for the cable company and a man once on the other end was taking a leak while talking to me. I do it everyday, I know what it sounds like. Gay folks and minorities do get the brunt of shitty customer service people. I also suffer from internalized homophobia, first I've heard it called that, thanks. Other than that I'm as happy as a clam, and so are all my friends all gay. Straights may not be more bitter exactly, but they're certainly more angry and depressed.

When you spend your whole life just thinking about you, people become jaded because they have done everything--traveled to every country, eaten at every reataurant, seen every concert and show,etc. US sports. Rugby League. Geoffrey Macnab.

Have you ever cheated on a partner when in a monogamous relationship?

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