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Normally, anything following these words has a And while I wouldn't want to suggest for a moment that a gay hooker isn't a completely credible witness, shouldn't we check the truth of his story about his housing situation, and the causes thereof, before accepting his story about being solicited by Geithner? Yeah I mean Gawker is where Robby got the totally solid source that gamergate made a time machine used it to travel to march and threaten Anita with a bomb before the hashtag ever existed.

It's totally true, but the time travelers keep going back and erasing all the proof Gawker finds before Gawker finds it! TMLutas 7. It was the puppies that supplied the time machine. You can't trust science fiction nerds to stay stuffed in those lockers.

Italian Archdiocese Rocked by Scandal: Drugs, Gay Prostitution, Blackmail

John C. Randolph 7. I wrote Gawker off back when they got themselves banned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, a couple of years before that fracas with the stolen iPhone prototype. I hope the impending litigation destroys them utterly, and renders every one of those greasy little twats unemployable. Ted S. It's idiotic.

Unknown Brother of ex official? Gawker are the 'people in power' here abusing their role. The pretense that abetting blackmail is somehow part of their societal mandate as "the press" is ridiculous and contemptable. No mention was made of guys family at all. For all anyone knows wife approves of DL-bi hubby.

Escort 'boasted about blackmail', millionaire tells trial

Princess Trigger 7. Conde Nast owns Reddit. Gawker has a hard-on for bashing Reddit. That may be the reason they went for it, or they might just be dicks. I didn't think about that. Yes, this could be revenge for Pao even though days after her termination, the new boss said they're going to go even further cracking down on what's posted than Pao did, so it really doesn't matter beyond "we want a woman in charge. JohnnyL 7. Hell, my local paper this morning reported it as a "Lone Wolf" shooting so nobody would start connecting the dots about Islamic terrorists. Ama-Gi Anarchist 7.

The goddamn government cock sucking media automatically dredges up a supposed connection to either ISIS or Iran eventhough -. ISIS is supposedly a guerrilla movement inside Syria and Iraq and would have 0 reasons to attack the US, and therefore any such connections are tenuous at best if not outright bullshit propaganda.

Cause, ya know, we gotta stay in Iraq because of "reasons". ISIS supposedly wants to bring about the Caliphate, so antagonizing the lb gorilla unafraid to use "death from above" is idiotic Iran would have even less incentive to antagonize the US because of the new nuclear deal. Furthermore, they're involved in a proxy war with Saudi Arabia which is most certainly the real security threat to them and why they want The Bomb No one wants to see the elephant in the room: Saudi Arabia.

Of course, some are already pointing out that the shooting has fallen out of the headlines.

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Like you said, must not connect the dots, otherwise we might have to pay attention to The House of Saud VG Zaytsev 7. This story is an obvious lie because Bo has assured me that no man interested in Gay Sex would ever marry a woman and have children. But suppose he did. Does a private citizen holding hypocritical views now constitute grounds for destroying their life?

Let he who has never been hypocritical cast the first stone Then, the rest of you, take a look at that guy who threw the first stone, because he's not only a hypocrite, he's a liar, and a nasty SOB. Christophe 7. If he was holding political office, it'd be justified hypocrisy or not. But then again I think woodchippers are justified. Bill Dalasio 7.

First of all, David Geithner isn't in power. He's a businessman with a famous brother. Second of all, even his brother isn't in power anymore. He's a guy that used to be in power. Lastly, "if it's true, you publish" coming from the likes of Jezebel is laughable on its face. Does anyone think that if the person involved had been a female porn star that the story would have ginned up the amount of revulsion that it has?

Ruin his life because he is ostensibly a family man who may be gay Ruin his life cause he is a straight family man who wanted to have an affair Double standards all the way down. Red Rocks Rockin 7. Hell, by all accounts Tiger Woods is a huge sex addict who selfishly destroyed his marriage to bang porn stars.


Yet the SJW brigade at ESPN keeps trying to prop up his career and give him publicity even though in today's world these kind of actions typically make the perpetrator completely radioactive. NFP 7. It's worth noting that NVG isn't exactly known for her journalistic integrity. She's infamous for botching the interview with Serial subject Jay:.

Everyone at Gawker should be killed by meteorites. They are complete fucking dogshit people. They have no value. They are human garbage. Hey now, the guys at Jalopnik and Foxtrot Alpha aren't that bad. Of course, the fact that most of their content is completely non-partisan has a lot to do with that. I'm extremely suspicious of a press that doesn't fact check stories that fit into their preconceived political opinions, idiot.

I also love Gawker continuously pretending to be an important news outlet. This is the argument Denton hilariously made as to why publishing Hulk Hogan's sex tape was okay. If you're defending stories about releasing sex tapes and outing gay men without their permission, you don't get to claim you're being 'antagonistic' to 'people in power' as if you're publishing the Pentagon Papers. Loki 7. Anyone who doesn't view them as the digital equivelant of National Inquirer is a fucking idiot.

Although I seem to recall that at one time National Inquirer used to try and claim to be a real news magazine as well. Maybe eventually people will wize up to the fact that Gawker is complete shit. Why's that Robby? Trying to get invited to more cocktail parties?

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  • Gawker is deeply involved on the SJW side in "GamerGate", so this whole event may have been motivated by either side of that controversy. Kevin O'Keeffe 7. Actually, pretty much everything I've ever read about Gawker, has filled me with a sense of revulsion for it, but those other two reactions, are much more uncommon.

    I barely even know who Tim Geithner is, much less why I should care answer: What the hell happened to privacy? Does no one else remember having to keep the confidence of a bisexual friend with a crack-ho side chick -- while walking to school uphills both ways in the snow?! Ashley Wilkes 7. MoreFreedom 7.

    While I don't have much sympathy for Timothy or David Geithner, the truth of this story is stranger than fiction. Cruz intervenes for a gay porn star, because he was in the military and potentially suffering from PTSD. The liberals who think conservatives don't have a heart will have cognitive dissonance with this. David cheated on his wife, and potentially threatened her life with a STD, and that he was found out and his family found out, is David's fault entirely.

    He didn't have to engage in adulterous gay sex. But given Timothy's tax evasion having been Sec. Frankly I don't think people like this should be in government, or in leadership positions. The other thing that's BS is the gay porn star claiming he got kicked out of his apartment because of his sexuality and claiming discrimination when it was because of his dog.

    I think if it weren't for that this never would have been a story. So it's essentially a false claim of discrimination something I believe individuals should be free to do, regardless if its good or bad discrimination that's led to the outing of Geithner, and also a false claim of blackmail. You can't blackmail someone if you reveal the dirt you have on them.

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