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Okay, 55 comments.

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Whenever I write about buggarones it always gets some people riled up. To some other questions: Do I know of someone who is no longer a buggaron? Yes, I know of a couple, as a matter of fact.


The last one was on the scene but for a hot minute, when it became clear that he was being taken off the market. He found a suitor from Europe a Dominican! I know of others who have gone to school, and others who have moved to the States. The buggarones that you see in the Colonial Zone generally give all buggarones a bad name. First, most are drug addicts and don't take care of themselves.

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I have gotten a few emails that I will address here. I'm not saying they're gay, but for me there is no way you can be "straight" and do what you do so well. Now, there are some who are out there because someone told them it is an easy way to make a buck, and they quickly fade away. Just like the boys talk, the queens do too, and as soon as it is heard that someone doesn't want you to touch, kiss, look at them, etc. He is then shunned as a buggaron fraud and pushed off the scene. Okay, I have to run. More later. Let me see how to phrase this You may find a half-way decent guy to hang out with, but these are few and far between.

And believe me, as a long-time visitor to Santo Domingo, that it seems to be going in the same direction!

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Before I went to Sto Domingo in aug , I made a stop in Puerto Rico for a week, a day here and there to see family and friends I love my culture, and the related cultures of the caribbean Rafael, We met at the apts that august at your friend's bday party. Thanks for the anonymous tip concerning the DR1 Sankies Forum blog. This blog was aimed at women, but it applies to men and bugarones most aptly. This to Nena: Saludos a mi hermana Boricua! I remember you from the time we stayed at Anthony's apartments and hit the bars in SDQ.

I hope that you are doing well! Why are you going back to DR several times a year? You've got money to waste. Hiring an escort is cheaper. What are you taken that can be stolen? Leave your SHIT at home. I'm not hatin' but damn! A Peso is a peso honey. These are tricks and they are going to get their money from you or the next hoe. You are responsible for you. The going rate buggaron is to pesos. If you pay more then that something is wrong with you. Can we all just get along? A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Some of us may not have it physically that's the purpose of going down there so therefore we should be WISER.

I've had fun the three times I went and came back with the shit I took! These trips were about ME. I learned you had to firm when I picked up my first trick. Trust me, I've been around and these tricks do what is required of me. Don't be fooled. Just like a stripper will do anything for dollar, a Buggaron will do anything for a peso. Ever wonder why a stripper will keep coming back to you when your holding a hand full of dollars I've got my ticket and will be on the island next Thursday!

I'm leaving all the name brand shit in the U. Para mi hermano Rafael bori Gracias thank you!

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Todo bien, gracias a dios! Just working too much..


Cousin by Injection, hehe! Anthony, thanks sincerely for the salient advice! And, no, this particular blog should not offend anyone. It should help to reduce the negatives encountered while traveling to beautiful Santo Domingo! It's a sad day to hear that gay men have to pay to have sex either here in the US or in the DR or where ever else gays may travel.

I guess things have changed so much in the dr, now i travel to Brazil every February for carnival for 21days, puerto rico,costa rica,and salvador and the guys there are also prositutes Guys try and have some more pride about who we are, we are not just tricks or desperate men looking for sex, dick n ass or are we? It may be true that it is a 'sad day' when we have to pay for sex, but this does not only apply to gay men, so let's clear up this first issue.

Second, I too have traveled and the truth is you can only see so many cathedrals, museums, landmarks, etc. At night, you get the urge to go to a bar and maybe hook up with a local guy just to try a different flavor from the ones back home.

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Well, you may spend hours cruising the bar and come up empty handed and remember: So, you choose to engage the services of a local 'escort' and cut to the chase. Tricks are a commodity. It's like going to a restaurant. You can choose the meat loaf or the steak and you pay accordingly. If you feel that you are 'lowering yourself' by paying for sex, so be it. Don't do it.

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But do not measure the rest of us by your standards. Have a nice day! Well said. No matter where you travel, even here state side. If you have dated, or meet on line you will pay one way, or another. Not everyone requires monetary payment, but you will pay, or you won't play. To the above poster hatin on payin for sex: Sex is sex. She works hard for her money And dats the truth This has been a really good discussion.

With some really good points being made and a few stupid ones, too! I believe there is always room for understanding the situation of the buggarones. That does not mean that you should leave your 'brain' at the immigration desk. It just means, that those of us who were blessed to be born and raised in a non third world country should take the time to understand the situation you are placing yourself.

In response to the question if there are buggarones who 'change there ways' and go 'straight'! Yes, there are a few that actually do use the money to go to school, get better jobs, start a new business and get visa out of the country. I've only met one I would suggest always travel with a partner or friend at night in groups of at least two or more, that is one of the best security protections you can have , Treat everyone you meet , including the burrarones, that may save your life someday and they shall watch out for you to some extent once u get to know them. Santo Domingo is a beautiful country to visit and enjoy but always remember give the people the up most respect and keep all your sexual desired behind close doors, just try and blend in, do not play queen for the day or that role while on vacation, do nonthing you would not do at home in public.

I can honestly say we have never seen any American show out or do any queen outburst while we were there, thank you Jesus, So I suggest all you who love to visit Santo Domingo , do just that , enjoy , have fun , be careful, use good judgement and make the best of your time and hard earn cash, we are not there to judge anyone nor to be judges , so with that go has often has you like, love the people and they will love you in return, but be wise and on good alert at all times, like you normally would here in the U. So true.. Is he an alcoholic?

I agree with the last two posters.

That was sad, sad Leon's style of writeing. I try hard to recognize my mistakes and correct them as soon as possible unlike the unnamed dizzy bar owner.

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Post a Comment. Tuesday, April 04, Buggaron Alert. I'm a little hesitant about writing personal stuff, because it always seems to rile folks up. Okay, what the hell, I'm just going to say what is on my mind. First, there have been quite a few robberies of tourists.