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While OKCupid's Quickmatch lets you swipe endlessly for people you find attractive, it doesn't let you access full profiles. You only see user photos, age, location and a compatibility percentile determined by your interests and how you answer questions posed by the service i. Swiping works fine in this case, but it's not as smooth as Tinder. I sent dozens of casual-sounding notes, and out of those, maybe five users got back to me.

I went on two coffee dates, but nothing came of those, either. One guy named Dustin had a wholesome Midwestern-like appeal in his pics and sounded like a decent guy. We had a collection of favorite movies, TV shows and books in common. But Dustin looked nothing like his picture — I could maybe see a resemblance if squinting really hard — which is a common story for online daters. Because our conversation was solid the first time we met, I gave him another shot.

We met at a high-end tea chain in the city, a few weeks later. But as the date wrapped up, I remembered why we didn't click. With more than 12 million users, OKCupid has a huge pool of possible matches. In trying to be everything for everyone, OKCupid nowadays is a confusing user experience on mobile. OKCupid sometimes works, but be prepared to invest time and energy.

Not only does it match you with nearby people, but the app also tracks and shows how many times you've physically crossed paths. People who mutually like each other can start a conversation. If you've liked someone and they haven't liked you back for any reason, you can send them a "charm" notification. Happn is a novel concept that works for some — one friend met their boyfriend of seven months via the app — but it wasn't for me. The closest I ever got to a date was when Brian, a handsome, twenty-something public relations guy started chatting with me.

Then he pitched me on a Twitter-related story — smooches emoji and all. Brian apologized hours later, but only after I blasted the move on social media. But does it really matter whether you've crossed paths with someone three times or 33 times? Happn has a novel hook, but it's too early to tell whether it has long-term potential.

If OkCupid emphasizes quantity, Coffee Meets Bagel and Once take the opposite approach, serving up one match a day — the hope being that one daily match warrants serious consideration. In Coffee Meets Bagel's case, the app factors in your social media connections, location and several basic preferences. It also employs a virtual currency called "beans," which can be used for certain features like the ability to resend your profile to someone you might particularly like. If you and a match end up liking each another, the app creates a message thread inside the app that automatically closes after eight days.

Once also has you fill out some basic information for a short profile, including gender, location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, as well as several lines about yourself. Every day, a virtual timer onscreen counts down to the moment when you receive your next match. Although I have several straight friends who met their significant others on Coffee Meets Bagel, it's relatively slim pickings on my end.

How to delete a Hornet account? (with pictures)

More than once, I'm matched with someone I know: None of the five matches, or "bagels," with whom I initiate conversations write back. Meanwhile, I only received one match on Once.

Hornet Just Became the Leading App for Gay Guys Worldwide

Because nothing quite screams "desperation" more than asking Twitter followers to join you on a dating app. But one match per day can also kind of suck. Of the 13 apps I tried, I walked away most impressed by The League. Sure, you'll have to get on a virtual waitlist and tough it out for weeks, if not months, before getting access, but it was worth it for someone like Jacob, who reminded me there are solid guys out there, even if they're not quite right for me.

I suspect many of the millions of people who use an online service today tackle the same challenges I did.

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And that's a shame. Most people like myself, who aren't perfect "10s" — I'm cute, but no Ryan Gosling — might need the opportunity to highlight our personalities, more than anything else. In the case of dating and finding a match, a small photo isn't worth a thousand words. It's barely worth one or two sentences viewable on your smartphone.

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Instead of helping me find love, these apps turned me into a compulsive serial dater more focused on swiping through packs of people on Tinder, checking out guys on Grindr and messaging "just a few more guys" on OKCupid.