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Kandi told her friends in the presence of her husband Todd about the time Porsha offered to perform oral sex. As her friends screamed in shock, one asked 'Who says that? A regular chick who's just tried it one time just wouldn't say something like that.

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Calling it 'a fun night,' she insisted their 'shared secret' made it all the more galling that Porsha would gossip about her behind her back. Confirmed it: Todd confirmed that he was at the nightclub with Kandi and Porsha. They later had lunch to air out their grievances, with Kandi telling Porsha: I've hooked up with a chick before. No secret: Kandi during their lunch meeting admitted that she's been with women before. I don't live my life like that. You do.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss hosts risque sex dungeon party with explicit labels on TV

In secret,' Kandi told her. When Kandi said that Porsha had 'done been with chicks before,' Porsha insisted it was different. Totally different: Porsha drew a distinction between herself and married Kandi. She then repeated her claim about her night with Porsha, telling her: Candid conversation: Kandi brought up the nightclub incident and Porsha countered with her own claims. Within earshot: A diner could hear the graphic conversation between Kandi and Porsha.

Covering up: Porsha covered her face with a napkin as Kandi reminded her about the club incident. She also insisted Todd was cheating on her with multiple women in different states while traveling, even telling her he used the alias Marvin to hide his identity. Down with dungeon: Kandi said if she did have a sex dungeon she would tell everybody because they are 'cool'. She later added of Porsha: So there's a pass-around.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss hosts risque sex dungeon party with explicit labels on TV

You weren't there in the videos just because you was cute. As for her ex Russell 'Block' Spencer, the father of her daughter, Kandi said: I mean full detail! So why should she lie about that? Cynthia, meanwhile, found it far more comical telling about her own experiences following the camping trip fight — even though it left her daughter Noelle, 15, looking mortified.

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Too much: Cynthia Bailey meanwhile told her teenage daughter about her own lesbian experimenting. When her daughter nervously asked what she meant by 'experimenting,' Cynthia told her: Kind of awkward: Noelle grew uncomfortable as Cynthia talked about 'experimenting'.

She also joked about how she had recently spent the night at Kandi's house, teasing her daughter: Cynthia later had an even more bizarre experience — as Kenya Moore surprised her with the gift of a vagina rejuvenation, telling the former model: Making the whole experience even more uncomfortable, Kenya and Cynthia's sister Mal both stayed in the room during the procedure — and Cynthia bluntly insisted she did not need the treatment herself. Surprise gift: Kenya Moore surprised Cynthia with the gift of a vaginal rejuvenation.

Cynthia, soon to turn 50, suggested the whole tone of the show was getting a bit too much for her. But titties, vaginas, lesbians. This is a lot of sex stuff going on,' she said with a smile. Sex stuff: Cynthia admitted that there was a lot of 'sex stuff' going on with her friends. Phaedra Parks, meanwhile, had tears when her lawyer told her her divorce from Apollo Nida was finalized, with her admitting that her call to him in prison to break the news was 'awful.

She later admitted that she has 'known that Apollo has a girlfriend for a long time — he's moved on, and I'm fine with it. I don't know why he's so upset. After a pause, she bragged: Getting emotional: Phaedra Parks wiped away tears after learning her divorce was finalized. The best: The reality star was bummed about the divorce but soon bounced back. She visited Porsha in her new home to share the news, teasing her friend about all the lesbian talk as she brought her a bottle of liquor. Porsha, meanwhile, had harsh talks with boyfriend Todd Stewart — making it clear she would happily break up with him if he did not find a new job when he told her he was enjoying a 'break.

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Let that be understood. Business meeting: Cynthia met with 'momager' Sheree Whitfield who was looking for modelling work for her son Cairo. Straight talk: Why is the possibility that someone is gay or that she has experimented with her sexuality something that has to be scandalized? Same with Kandi and pretty much everyone else in the cast.

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Being gay or having an interest in someone of the same sex should not be a controversy. I have no idea why Kandi and Porsha met up to discuss their differences other than some sort of obligation to hash everything out in front of the cameras. Porsha shared her latest thoughts in her weekly Bravo blog entry.

Is she mad at Sheree for putting this on blast? When Porsha was asked about that heated lunch with Kandi she had a lot to say. We all saw the conversation go down. Yeah, Porsha was the one spreading rumors and she was going to get her ass handed to her anyway, but still, Sheree is constantly stirring things up this season and claiming that she just wants everyone to know the truth.