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Well that says it all How would you feel if the site enabled you to exclude for pay content from your experience you can't see them, they can't contact you, etc.

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I think this is a sensible compromise and assume it could be achieved by some sort of flag on a "paid for" profile that users can block if they don't want to be contacted in this way? Something like that, yeah, the technical details can be worked out later; the point is that they are still there, you just don't have contact with them. There's something about your comment that irks me, and I just have to get it out of my system. Consider this me at full rant mode. The point that I would bring up is that running websites is not free.

This one survived without "buy now" and "click here" or product tie-ins is because I was and am willing to front the cash and because a lot of members here have been willing to donate to the site. You say "as soon as money gets involved", well guess what: It just wasn't your money. When you see a web page open in your browser, you have to understand that there was an individual in this case or a company usually paying for the server, network bandwidth, database, backups, development and maintenance.

I'm done ranting now. Thanks everyone. Admin - that's simply not true. I have in the past donated to this site, as I'm more than aware of the costs involved. Thanks and sorry. There's just something about the idea of a "free lunch" that sets me off.

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I need to talk to a professional about that! No worries: Well I for one am hugely appreciative of all the hard work that goes into the site, so thank you. Perhaps ikf's suggestion is the way ahead on this one? It will also allow you to monitor how many people hold my view and how many don't. Stay strong, bud. My issue at the start was the fact the subject named 2 guys as male escorts. Neither advertise as escorts but Cameron is clear that you pay to wrestle him. Escortwrestler30 does not offer a service but I know guys he has wrestled because he likes to wrestle and free.

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I'll let you work out who mister Flash is from manchester but he mentions nothing of charging until you contact him. Has posted a forum and blog but it is a service. I am not in disagreement that if someone wants to use this site to advertise a service then they should contribute to the cost of the site.

To support the site it is our duty to inform the admin if someone contacts and offers a service of any sort. I think that, if paid for services escorts, wrestle for pay etc are going to be tolerated, even if a user has the choice to enable or disable these services, the site will undeniably change its direction.

Plus, the site will have to be able to handle the growth of commercial profiles, the growth of users looking only for those services.

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We probably have our own opinion about quantity versus quality. Well, in a marketing point of view, there are some risks to provide free services, without any payback, to lucrative companies or self-companies that otherwise would have paid other providers for those services. To my mind it's a kind of offering free customers to commercial profiles.

It not sure that everyone would accept to belong to these customers. That's why I think that if the site turns into this commercial aspect, it will not be only about giving the choice to users to hide or not some commercial profiles, it will also deal with preventing commercial profiles from seeing users who don't want to be marketed.

There's been a number of [WikiPedia: I would caution against using such logic.

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I feel they are strawman arguments and fallacious. The fact of the matter is that up until now there has been no explicit rule against "wrestling escort" profiles, although arguably 4 of the Terms of Service could apply. Yet there is no swarm of such profiles swamping the site. I think the issue at hand is more a matter of principle, not that of quality. Hi Admin I'm really not trying to cause trouble here, but I think the slippery slope argument isn't necessarily invalid as there's been no discussion of where this could potentially lead to.

Once the site gets a reputation for selling sex then I'll butt on out at this stage, as I don't want to antagonise you or others any further. I hope my thoughts have at least helped as that was the intention, in any case This is the very discussion to decide what to allow.

I think at least. More precisely to gather up the questions and options that members can then vote about. But that is a different discussion that deems its own place and time. Lugi, "it will not be only about giving the choice to users to hide or not some commercial profiles, it will also deal with preventing commercial profiles from seeing users who don't want to be marketed. My suggestion was that members can indicate in their settings that they are not interested in contact from commercial profiles, and then they would not see or contact commercial profiles, nor would commercial profiles be able to see or contact these users.

Is this different from what you are suggesting? So dear meetfighter owners, Keep all the profiles you want, including escorts or whatever.

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They do business and good for them again i dont have anything against them personnaly of course; it was a question of ethical policy. You know what, fuck you. I listen to everyone's opinions. Your attack is completely unwarranted. You already accused me of being dishonest, so fuck you twice. My opinon is that there are many reasons for creating website conditions: Most are over 21 and physically robust and we can accept success and defeat and we can differentiate amateur wrestlers from all the other types and characters that sign up.

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Professionals will not be successful by contacting those who don't want to be contacted - they are professional. Please don't add functionality to choose to hide profiles This is an awesome site. Don't let one guys attack on you or the running this site get to you.

Few sites I have ever been on allow this much of a personal view from its membership. Keep up the good work. May be you think that posititive apreciations dont desserve some tks or consideration? And i have never been unpolite neither rude.

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May be the fact that its not my language could be imply bad interpretation. Dishonesty wasnt a strong word in My willing way of expressing. I sinceremy wanted to say only that it didnt sound right to have what it seemed a policy and rules on one way and having in other way profiles who, iin my opinion dont fit. Further, thinking your opinion is already done wasnt an general attack on your job regarding all suggestions but only a feeling may be wrong and this case all my excuses this topic for which you definitly serm to be into keeping business and or escort profiles.

Thanks for everyone who tried to keep on topic and being civil. Closing entry due to low votes 2. It's a shame this thread was closed. I happened to stumble across it whilst reading another post where there was a link to it. I recognise the costs of running this site - and its excellence. However I think the posters above have a point about individuals using the site for "commercial purposes". It is OK at the moment but I ccan see the "alippery slope" argument that an eye needs to be kept on it.

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  7. Any decision can be reversed so if loads of paid-for services do suddenly start appearing then the terms of reference could be changed to exclude them from the site. Personally, I'd suggest a variation of the options mentioned above: This could be helpful to people who want to improve especially pro-style wrestling. The main issue is to ensure this site has no liability for anything that happens following a contact via this site, eg an accident, particularly if the trainer is not insured. I'd also support the idea of a flag for a - and b if allowed - so users could avoid seeing or being contacted by those profiles if they so wished.

    Also, Brad Flash's profile does now clearly state he charges so anyone considering meeting him would know this in advance. Meet Fighters. You are not logged in Log in Sign up. JavaScript is disabled in your web browser. Some site features may have reduced functionality. Tracker Rant about escort profiles.

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